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Synergy Incubators

No description

Tonia Fish

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Synergy Incubators

Food Business Incubator!
Incubators grow economies...
Growing food business in Dayton.
Business incubators are designed to support the successful development and growth of enterprise through an array of business support resources and services. A kitchen incubator is an economic development tool that addresses small business and local entrepreneurial potential.
Synergy Kitchen
Access to Micro-Financing
Food Truck & Cart Rental
Fundraising Support
Mentorship Program
Referral to Area Support Agencies
Market Access
Merchandising Assessments
Marketing Advice
Tax Preparation Training
licensed shared commercial kitchen
24-hour access, 7 days / week
Refrigerated and frozen food storage
Warehouse and dry storage
Service and preparation areas
Bakery and catering equipment
Packaging and labeling equipment
Business plan development
Start up & growth coaching
ServSafe Certification
Business & culinary training
Product development assistance
Expert food handler certification
Recipe development assistance
License & permit guidance
How it all works
Operators must have commercial liability insurance, pay a security deposit and be separate entities, responsible for complying with regulations governing food related businesses.

The Synergy Kitchen catalog of services, resources and educational opportunities are offered in a variety of payment packages.
Act Wisely
Comparable markets already have successful kitchen incubators...
On average, microenterprises are responsible for an annual 900,000 new jobs created in the United States. Microenterprise development is a strong public investment with an estimated $2.06 to $2.72 return for every $1 invested towards taxes to local and state coffers. (*Small Business Administration)
Small Business = Big Impact
Synergy Kitchen offers a unique incubator scholarship
program for underrepresented aspiring business owners such as women and low income entrepreneurs.

Working with the Welcome Dayton initiative, we assist newly immigrated residents to begin new business ventures. Leveraging the support of industry mentors and translators; unique, ethnic products can be brought to market.
Our property at 125 Heid Avenue provides 10,000 sqft of kitchen space and the promise of space for over 60 new and growing businesses to hub in just one day.

At 200 S. Jefferson Street we are focused on our pilot project which allows cooks to get in the kitchen now. The smaller location allows us to create best practices and grow!
Location matters... a lot!
Making Connections
Business Incubator Scholarship Program
Professional Food Service Oversight
The big picture...
Dayton is in the process of joining the slow food movement, the nation's food renaissance. From the White House to Main Street, people are thinking about where our food comes from. The slow food movement is a counter movement to the American diet of highly processed food which has brought on a prevalence of chronic diseases. This center will have a significant impact on the availability, quality and awareness of food in Dayton.
Synergy Kitchen
Supporting the Dayton area economy through business and workforce development
Synergy Kitchen
You know all about our shared-use commercial kitchen with comprehensive support services which is a bridge to a healthier Dayton economy.
Synergy Urban Farm
Our urban educational farm acts as an outdoor classroom for area schools offering farm-based learning opportunities to inspire and educate Dayton residents of all ages! Synergy Urban Farm provides direct access to food and focuses on the nutritional education of our next generation.
Synergy Packaging
Under the same roof, Dayton area food businesses can also package their product and go straight to distribution.
Full circle sustainability
You can help!
What it means for the community.
What if there were more?
Ways you might help:

1. Share your expertise

2. Help us make connections &
locate financial incentives

3. Donate equipment
A boost to the economy &
increased access to food
A place to grow and package, as well as prepare food...
Help us remove obstacles and create solutions for Synergy Kitchen!
Our holistic
approach to growing
food business in Dayton:
A shared food processing facility for growers, food entrepreneurs and established food service operators. More than a shared kitchen, it is a full-service support system which increases the success rate for new food business through comprehensive micro-enterprise training.
Synergy Kitchen Co-Founder Joseph Fish received his bachelors in Nutrition from Kent State and graduated with honors from The Culinary Institute of America. Joe trained abroad and in New York City with some of the world's most influential chefs. He has experience heading culinary teams at venues including restaurants, corporate food service operations and hotels in addition to hands on experience with street food service and farmer's market venues.
The Kitchen
The Curriculum
The Support
Advising on facility design, kitchen policy, procedures and curriculum
There are many existing resources for entrepreneurs in the Miami Valley!

Synergy Kitchen acts as an information clearinghouse, connecting business owners with area resources such as TECDayton, Ohio SBDC, Aileron & the DDP. Our services complement what is already available without duplicating.
Ingredients For Success
More than 80% of small businesses fail within their first five years through lack of money, skills or both*. Insufficient capital is the reason for the high rate of shuttered food businesses. Kitchens are extremely expensive to implement and maintain. Synergy Kitchen removes this obstacle and replaces it with a vehicle for fiscal responsibility. (*Small Business Administration)
Incubator Kitchen
Food entrepreneurs have access to farm fresh food which they can prepare in our shared-use kitchen and bring to market in our adjacent packaging facility. Our food waste and biodegradable paper products are composted on-sight at our urban educational farm.
Growing Business
Growing Food
Growing The Economy
Vertical Integration
Help us build it!
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