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Kindergarten Smart Goals

1st Quarter

Beverly Wertz

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Kindergarten Smart Goals

Kid Pix Draw and Fill Tools Draw and Fill Results 3rd Quarter
Smart Goals 4th Quarter
Smart Goals Launch and Quit 2nd Quarter
Smart Goals Create a Geometric House using
Box, Circle, Straight Line Tools Use the Stamp Tool in Kid Pix
to Create Patterns Lincoln Public Schools
Smart Goals Use the text Cursor and keyboard to
type their name and a sentence.
Use the shift key, delete key, and spacebar. 1st Quarter Examples Geometric House Results Geometric House Chart Drag and Drop PLC Group 3
Campbell - Karen Goldenstein
West Lincoln - Amber Reining
Arnold - Tom Meyer
Riley - Bev Wertz Launch and Quit Results 1st Quarter
Smart Goals
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