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A long walk to water!

south sudan and north sudan fights but what for.

selin caliskan

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of A long walk to water!

A long walk to water! wheres sudan is located and
their problom. the horrid part somewhat religon the new contry the war ends Background and causes The war is usually charactized as the fight
between the southern non-arab populations
against the nourthen , since the 17centry ,central
goverments have attempted to regulate and exploit
the cattle herders of the southern and inland sudan. The fight of the split contry The war started all because of the central sudanese
goverment, also because north sudan wanted sudan to practise the muslim religon. There was so many little wars they would also split men and woman and chidren into 2 groups one side is men and the other side would be woman and children. The other part of the war is that southern Sudan has oil and north sudan wants that oil. and also because north sudan wants power over south Sudan. religon has a somwhat part in the war because pepole wanted to practise diffrent religon so its like religon vs
religon south sudan is now the newest contry in the whole
entire world so now they can be anything they want or do anything they want.!!!!!! sudans located in africa
and south sudan and north sudan
are fighting because of somewhat reliogn.
pepole from north sudan want to
practise the musilm reliogn. but in
south sudan pepole want to practise
any religon the want. also north sudan just
wants power so thats what its mostly about. By selin caliskan alot of pepole were killed not that much of the war mostly because dieses and famins . over 2,000 pepole were killed because of war
dieses and famins. thank you thanks for litsening i hope you want to learn more
about this new facinating contry. the war ended in 2011 when north sudan
lost to south sudan. (now a new contry SOUTH SUDAN!) south Sudans flag muslim flag hi
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