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By:Courtney F.

Sally Janacek

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Matter

Matter By:Courtney
States of matter
There are three states of matter.
Did you know....
A solid never changes shape,it will always be a solid.A solid can be smooth,hard,rough,and soft.You can see and touch solids.Solids particles are all very close together.
It will take the containers shape if it is poured in to .Milk,water,soda,syrup are all liquids.You can touch and also see liquids.Liquid particles are farther apart.Liquid particles can tumble over each other.You can also change liquids shape.
Wood is a solid
Water is a Liquid
Air is made up of different gases.Does not keep the same size or shape.An example of gases are water vapor ,wind,fire are all some gases.Gases particles are very far away.
Fire is a gas
Gases and Liquids
All states of matter can change.A gas can become a liquid,here's one example is when water vapor a gas, rises up and forms a cloud.When a cloud is filled up it starts to rain and rain is a liquid.
Solid and liquids
A solid can become liquid when you melt ice cube.Because a ice cube is made out of water.And water is a liquid.
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