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No description

kat c

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of MKT

Love has no boundary Pillow Talk Introduction Market Environment Connect long distance lovers resulting in an intimate interaction between two lovers, regardless of the distance between them. Name: Pillow Talk Function:

When one person goes to bed, their lover’s pillow begins to light up softly

Placing your head on the pillow allows you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one. Demographic environment: Generation Y: Born between 1977-1994
Technology wise
Generation Y kids have a better living standard as they are more likely to be raised in the dual income families Marketing intermediaries: Competitors: Media Public: Reseller: Indirectly competitors (type 1) :
A fontane

Design is suitable for our neck

For traditional pillow: Indirectly competitors(type 2)

Same connection, But in a new way New product, no directly competitors Have variety of medias: BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY Difficult to compete -> We enter the new market. AIM:
Uncontested market

Create and capture new demand
(Long Distance Relationship)

Away from the competition from existing market A brand new experience of connection with your loved one
by pillow Segmentation
Positioning Target Marketing Segmentation Concentrated Marketing -Upper or Middle Class
-Married or dating couples
-Long-distance relationship Positioning Orientation: Same basic function: For sleeping
Different additional features : Interaction tools Price: Perceived higher price for new technology Consumer
Behavior Personal
Psychological Personal Psychological SWOT Strength Awards:
The NACUE/Tata "Blue Skies" Award for Disruptive Enterprise (2011)

A Shell Livewire Grand Ideas Award(2011)

Best Startup in the Scottish heat at Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards(2011) Strength New way to interact Weaknesses The day and night are completely upside down. Opportunities Opportunities Facebook has launched a couple page

Can help us to know our customers in a more direct and convenient way.

More accessible to Pillow Talk promotion (Apps/Instagram) Threats News about accident of electronic appliance
(reduce the confidence in buying
new electronic product) 4Ps analysis Product
Place Product A Set of products:
- Small speakers and lights

- A pair of pillows

- A pair of ring sensors

- Wireless connection

- Flat fabric panels. Product Feel partners who are miles away by hearing real-time heartbeat.

soft light helps relaxing Promotion Make use of social networks Information about our seasonal offer(pillow case), new version,
additional features, etc. Update Facebook and Twitter fans page regularly

Ad. in Milk magazine

Pop-up ad. in Yahoo! online blog column Promotion Make use of the new function in Facebook:
Facebook Couple's page

Find some couples to be our opinion leaders to share their comment of PILLOW TALK Sale promotion: Special Discount for couples in Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
Special offerings in festival mentioned in "product" Place Indirect Distribution Channel:
Through Retailer : Place - Direct Distribution Channel: Online selling Unique technology : Innovative ideas: inject new elements in the pillow No direct competitor in the market (Compare United States with Hong Kong,
the time lag is about 12 hours.) Time lag : Infamous Brand name: Less likely to aware our products Development of internet market social network: Features: Promotion Product Variety: - Varied color
- Smell pack Deliver to certain places Product Services: Warranty for repair Life-cycle: Getting Started (18-35): Traits: Going through first experience E.g. First car, first loan, first credit card ,dating, marriage Concern more about lover's product Motivation: Want more interaction with their lover's
to maintain their relationship. Find out relevant products.
E.g. Skype, Whatsapp,
Pillow talk Consumer
buying behavior Complex buying behavior High involvement:
-Purchased infrequently Differences between brands -Significant Magazine,Radio,Blog,Facebook
Target different customers

For promotion
They help us reduce the effort to:
Reach the customers we want to target.
Achieve the concentrated marketing strategy More affordable and acceptable
to our product. store which sells innovative product
e.g. Log-on Well-developed financial system
Provide different financial intermediaries
E.g. Credit cards, EPS, etc.
Good For online shopping Financial intermediaries: -They have large market share
-Well-developed traditional benefit
-Reputable brand image Multiple segmentation YATA
Franc Franc Geographic mobility increases from 2001 to 2011 Reflect that more long-distance couples exist. Price $800-$1000 Not included delivery cost
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