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Timeline of Club Penguin

No description

jemma nash

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Timeline of Club Penguin

In October 2005, penguins started to waddle into the island. It was very new, and much wasn’t built yet. 2005 Penguins noticed fluff balls going around. They are now called puffles. The penguins got tired of coffee and then the pizza parlor opened By march more penguins started adopting more puffles. 2006 New puffle furniture by April In June a giant octopus invaded the dojo. 2007 Pizzatron 3000 Club Penguin Timeline The Penguin Band started playing their instruments on the new stage in the lighthouse! Sources
The Club Penguin times The new game “Surfing the Waves“ was here just in time for summer fun! Penguins grabbed their surf boards and rode the waves. In December of 2007 they donated Coins to the Fundraiser “Coins for Change“ and donated over $1000000 in real CA$H. Was Club Penguin good use to anyone? Hark! The Medieval Party has begun! Penguins built a secret hide out tree fort in the middle of the forest. An Earthquake hit the town and thing went Topsy Turvy. 2008 We jammed to the beat of the music Jam 2 008. Crowds danced and went crazy to meet the only Penguin Band! Christmas was lots of fun, with unique decorations set up all over the island! 2009 Puffles were a big hit in February. More exclusive puffle items were being released. The word spread fast! Soon, everyone had cute furniture and items for there beloved puffles! Everyone knew the Golden Puffle would be the winning play for the penguin play awards. 2010 Mountain expedition Fairy fables is performing in the theater By: Jemma 20th september 2010
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