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Tiger Radler

No description

antonia escudero

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Tiger Radler

Joelle Chan -16109249
Antonia Escudero -16651575
Tan Jia Wei -16637423
See Jia Jin -16688599
Troy Ho -16431078

Our Vision: to achieve greatness through advertising.
Our Mission: providing quality service to our clients.
Alcohol consumption in Singapore
Tiger Radler background

Direct competition
Global competition
Existing Campaign
New Campaign
Marketing Objectives:
Communication Objectives:
Swot Analysis
IMC Strategy

Increase overall sales by 15%
Increase product awareness by 10%
Increase the female consumers by 10%
Customer retention
Reposition product image
Traditional and non-traditional promotional tools
Emotional appeal in promotional campaign
Blend of Tiger Beer and natural lemon juice.
Combines century-old tradition with modern day.
Offering a “Double Refreshment”.
Fruity and sharp while rooted in beer.
3 times a day
Between 7pm to 10pm
Channel 5, Chanel 8, Channel U
Sponsorships through stakeholders

Press Release
On-going (June)
8 Days, CLEO, Men’s Health
Sponsorships through business associates

Billboards at public areas:

Bus stops and MRT stations.
Huge flow of crowds.
Sponsorship through other stakeholders or business associates.
collaborating with public transport companies.
Target Audience
Location: Attica @ Clarke Quay
Zouk @ Central
Kudeta @ Marina Bay Sands
Duration: 1st week of July and 1st week of August (Wed, Fri, Sat)
Pretty models (Tiger girls) promoting the new Tiger Radler
Collaborating with major clubs and bars

Purpose of Roadshow:

Increase product awareness and image
Word of Mouth marketing
Increase sales

The history of the company
How did Tiger Radler came about
Understand more about Tiger Radler
Online purchases
Up-to-date events and campaigns

Interactive Website
Social Media
Targeting younger crowds
Reaching out to a wider range of audience globally
Update and showcase the latest events and campaigns
Gather feedback and testimonials
Increase brand credibility

Our clients:
28th June 2014 (6pm-11pm).
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.
Increasing product awareness.
Generating free media coverage.
Evaluate the outcome of the Tiger Campaign through the amount of attendees at the road show.
Use of Social Media to monitor the amount of shares and likes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Encourage more participation through the use of surveys and follow up questionnaires.
Evaluating sales results prior from the start of campaign and comparing it to the results after the sales promotion.
Most preferred alcoholic drink by gender, 2013
“Double Refreshment Wheel”

3 pop-up Bars
Changi City Point –  3rd to 5th December, 2013, 11am to 7pm 112
Katong – 6th to 8th December, 2013, 12pm to 8pm
One Raffles Place – 11th to 13th December, 2013, 11am to 7pm

Consumer profile
Demographic: age 18-35 years, towards females.

Psychographic: VALS2-Experiencers.

Socio-Economic: Early adopters, middle income level (>$2000).

Geographic: Singapore CBD, bar/restaurant and shopping areas.
Freebies/ Gifts
Behavior: active in both physical and social activities.

Attitudes: willingness to experience and try new things.

Beliefs: refreshing, light and tasty.

Values: quality and convenience.

The importance of how the timeline should be executed (Press release on 28th June )
Ensuring the proper spending of funds in order not to exceed budget.
Rewards by Tiger
Maintaining customer relations
Broadening market expansion (global scale)
Thank You For Your Kind Attention!
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