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Why College??

No description

Jessica Larson

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Why College??

Average incomes for college grads
What are yours??
College grads are more likely to....
Show Me The Money
Hopes and Dreams

Earn more money
Have better health care coverage
Have safer working conditions

Own a home
Have children who also go to college
Be active members of their community
Have a plan for retirement
In a group of 3:

Question #1 - What do you want to do for a career someday?

Question #2 - What kind of obstacles do you think you'll have to overcome to get there?

Question #3 - How do you see yourself overcoming those obstacles?
Date: Your Future!
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Why does college matter?
What do you already know?
There's more...

Beyond the statistics
Knowledge - Critical thinking skills

Potential - Who are you? What are your interests?

Opportunity - More doors open

Income - 1 Million Dollars
Why College??
Jessica Larson
You Can Do It!!!
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