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CON 453 Healthcare Clinic BIM Proposal

No description

Priscilla Basto

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of CON 453 Healthcare Clinic BIM Proposal

BIM Uses
Design/Constructability Reviews;

Cost Estimation;

3D Coordination;

Site Utilization Planning;

Phase Planning;

Record Modeling;

Design Authoring;

Lighting Analysis;

Digital Fabrication;

Energy Analysis.
Design Authoring
Develop a Building Information Model;

First step for the model database.

Lighting Analysis
Light Comfort;

Essential for the users.
Overview of Project
CON 453 Healthcare Clinic at Northwest Corner Lot at intersection of West University Drive and South Ash Avenue, Tempe, Arizona;

27,000 square foot projected area;

Two story building, 17 - 32 foot high;

January 2015 - December 2016.
Project Concerns
New healthcare clinic intenting to create additional, similar facilities in Phoenix area;

Finish project on time;

Assure quality of the health facility;

Automated quantity take-off for more precise cost estimation;

Six BIM uses required by the owner and four BIM uses suggested by Solve.
Facility Plans
BIMedical Group
Solve Design & Construction
Addressing owner concerns:




CON 453 Healthcare Clinic BIM Proposal
Artur Nobrega Bessoni Feitosa
Fabricio Lima Barbosa
Marco Torres
Priscilla Elisa de Azevedo Basto

Phase Planning (4D Modeling)
Visualization of Construction Sequence;

Helps in Critical Path Identification;

Improve Constructability;
3D Coordination
Eliminate Clashes

Decrease rework;

Improve quality.
Site Utilization Planing
Support Identification of Critical Spaces;

Evaluate the Best Layout Option in Different Phases;

Used in Conjunction with Phase Planning.
Design Reviews
Analyze Design Aspects to evaluate effectiveness;

Easy understanding of design;

Virtual Mock-up.
Energy Analysis
Quantify energy is used in the facility during operation;

Improve performance.
Digital Fabrication
Utilizing digitalized information:
Structural Steel;
Sheet Metal;
Pipe Cutting.

Minimize Steel Detailing Time Frame;
Less Mistakes;
Information Shared More Efficiently.
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