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Poppin' Graphs

No description

Alia Carter

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Poppin' Graphs

Poppin' Graphs That Excel ICAC Day 2 Yummy Popcorn! How will we determine which flavor of popcorn is the best? Line graphs What types of graphs are there? Bar graphs Pie charts independent (manipulated) Graphs show relationships...
...between observations or measurements
called variables dependent (responding) You want to see the effects of different amounts of fertilizer on the growth of tomato plants. You set up an experiment with four groups of plants and measure the growth of the plants over a period of time. How will you display your results? Thought experiment 1 tsp 2 tsp 3 tsp 0 tsp (Called column graphs in Microsoft Excel.) Bar graph independent variable: categories dependent variable: numbers Pie chart independent variable: categories (slices of the pie)
dependent variable: numbers (size of slice, percent of the total pie)
Pie charts have categories just like a bar graph, but the number in each category is represented by the size of each slice of pie instead of the height of a bar. Pie charts are used when the data represents 100% of the categories, with each slice representing the percentage of that category of the whole data set (whole pie). independent variable: numbers Line graph dependent variable: numbers In a bar graph, you can easily view the amount of each category by comparing the heights of each bar (column). A line graph contains series of data points relating the value of the dependent variable to the independent variable. The data points may be connected to show fluctuations and overall trends in the data. Favorite Ice Cream Let's collectively collect some data and graph our results. Use your graph paper to create a bar graph representing the data.
When you have completed your bar graph, create a pie chart using the same data. Our graphs We will create a tally chart of our data. To create your pie charts, you will need to convert each category into a percentage of the whole. Do this by diving the number of students in each category by the total number of students. Multiply this value by 100 to get the percent. (Your computer has a handy calculator for you to use.)

The percent of each category is represented by the size of its slice of pie. Use your circle graph template to create your pie chart. The template is marked off in 5% increments. Create a key to indicate the names of your categories (slices). When your have completed your circle graph, create a line plot using the "Line Plot Example" data sheet. Working in groups of 4, assign a role to each group member.
Getter - gets materials for the group, asks the teacher questions for the groups, makes sure all of the materials are returned at the end of the activity
Reader - reads any printed directions to the group, makes sure everyone understands the activity and tasks, summarizes and reports group findings to the class
Starter - uses the materials for the group, oversees construction tasks, makes sure all group member collaborate
Recorder - records the groups observations and data, makes sure all group members have recorded information on individual sheet or journals (as applicable), makes graphs of group data Poppin' Graphs Follow directions on Student Data Sheet:
Part A - poll group members, record their choices of favorite popcorn flavors, and graph data by hand on the graph grid and circle graph template.

Part B - Estimate and measure the volume and capacity of popcorn for a measuring cup and another container. Construct a line graph on the graph grid. Volume of a Gas at Different Temperatures Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Butter pecan? 5+7= # of Students Flavor Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry Butter Pecan ASK!!
Popcorn Survey 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
Favorite Flavor # of Students
Cinnamon How can we display the results of our survey? Popcorn Throw
Target Activity
Collect data.
Display as graph. Starting Distance Avg. Distance
from Target (in) from Bullseye (in)
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