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Isaiah the Prophet

Bill Ramsey

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Isaiah

ISAIAH Agenda 12/14
Advent reflection
Charlie Brown reFlection
christmas song of the day
isaiah projects
operation others
isaiah Isaiah Project Book of Isaiah is broken up into 3 parts
ch 1-39 words of the prophet himself
ch 40-55 "second ISAIAh" written in Babylonia after the fall of judah
ch 56-60 "third Isaiah" are oracles of hope written after the babylonian exile major themes in Isaiah
holiness of Yahweh
faithfulness of yahweh
justice of yahweh
god's justice extends to all nations Holiness of Yahweh Compare Isaiah 6:3 and Revelations 4:8 Compare Isaiah 9:7 and Luke 1:32 Seraph Fiery Flying Serpent 5th on the Jewish hierarchy of Angels Read the following passages in groups and discuss what they mean:
Isaiah 1:4
Isaiah 10:17,20
Isaiah 12:2-6
Isaiah 29:18-19 Operation Others
Van leaves at 3 from Prep
5697 N 13th St Faithfulness of Yahweh TPS:
Isaiah 7:4,5,9a
Isaiah 30:15 According to Isaiah Everyone is called to:
become quiet
renounce all fear
waitin patience for God to act SALVATION RELIES ON TRUST Justice of Yahweh According to Isaiah, only when people live justly in all facets of society will the blessings be completely fulfilled In Judah, there will be justice for the disobedient Justice to All Nations Covenant is for all people, not just the Hebrews
Nations are accomplish God's purposes unknowingly
Judah would be saved by Yahweh after the destruction of Assyria Hope in a Faithful One Predicts that we will have a king to save us and he shall be called "Immanuel"
Read Isaiah 11:1-9 to figure out the qualities of the future king
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