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Country's and their territories

No description

Padric Matter

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Country's and their territories

What does a country control in its territory?
Does it control the sea?

Does it control the rivers and water?

Does it control the air above it?
The Sea
A country that has a border with an ocean does have control to an area of ocean within its territory

This is called Territorial Waters which extend to 22 km from any border with the ocean

Why would it be important for a country to have control over its territorial waters?
Control Over In Land Resources
Territory guarantees a country control over of its land, resources, and internal waters

This means a country controls even rivers within its territory

What might this leads to problems with other countries?

Let's look at the Me Kong River
The shape of a country is very important

It may help or hurt a country in development.

We can classify countries into 5 different shapes
1. Prorupted State
2. Compact State
3. Elongated State
4. Fragmented State
5.Perforated State
Perforated States
These are countries that have countries inside of them

What might be a problem for a perforated state?
Countries and their Territories
The Shape of a country
Prorupted State

These are countries who
have borders that extend to
give that country access to water
or other resources

Easy to see because they will have long
stretches of land leading that stick out
Compact State

This means a very small country

Can help a country develop as everything is close and can be connected

Elongated State

These are countries with long and skinny shapes

These countries can have trouble with transport because of how long they are

Can you think of any examples?
Fragmented States

Countries with territory that does not connect or
is in different pieces

Many island countries
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