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Shinigami - God of Death

No description

Brad Fair

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Shinigami - God of Death

Shinigami - God of Death

What is a Shinigami?
A Shinigami isn't just one creature, it's a race of creatures. In Japanese mythology, the Shinigami is the equivalent to the American death god the 'Grim Reaper'.
A Shinigami is in two animes, Bleach and Death Note.
A Shinigami has two major enemies, their goal is to defeat them.
A Shinigami only uses two physical weapons.
Combat Techniques
A Shinigami has three combat techniques.
A Shinigami does a lot of other things too, here are some of them.
Types of Shinigami
Of course there are regular Shinigami, and Shinigami who exist in exile, but still work as a Shinigami, but there are four more.
Sources for the Info
This is just the websites I got the information from.
What does Shinigami mean?
Shinigami is Japanese for 'soul reaper' or 'god of death'.
What does a Shinigami exist in?
A Shinigami exists in Japanese mythology, religion and two Japanese animes; 'Bleach' and 'Death Note'.
What does a Shinigami do?
A Shinigami is a hero, but at the same time evil, a Shinigami is out to kill two big threats, the Yakuza which is a Japanese crime gang, and the 'Hollows' which is Japanese for 'evil spirit'.
Means 'demon way' in English, it is a power, magic like that a Shinigami uses.
Means 'Swordsmanship' in English, it's pretty straight forward.
Means 'agility' in English, this is also pretty straight forward.
Means 'Spiritual Arts Academy', it is where a Shinigami trains, it used to be named the 'Shinigami Academy' but was changed due to a new owner.
Hollow Cleansing
The process in which a Shinigami a 'Hollow' and then cleanses it of it's sins.
Soul Governance
A Shinigami is responsible for governing the flow of spirits between the human world and the 'Soul Society'.
Death Note
The more popular anime, it is all about the Shinigami, and in it, exists the enemy 'Yakuza'.
The less popular anime, it isn't just about Shinigami, but in this one it's enemy is the 'Hollows'.
'Yakuza' is a Japanese gang, they are major criminals in Japan and a major threat to the Shinigami.
A Hollow is Japanese for 'evil spirit', they are set out to kill the Shinigami.
Japanese for 'sword-cutter sword' it is a Shinigami's primary weapon.
Means 'Hand-To-Hand Combat' in English, it's a Shinigami's secondary weapon/technique.
Minor and Recurring
The Minor are the weaker, lower ranked Shinigami, and the Recurring are the stronger, higher ranked Shinigami.
Unnamed and Substitute
The substitute Shinigami are Shinigami who gained their powers through Hollowfication, the process of slaughtering and absorbing a Hollow's power. The Unnamed Shinigami aren't actually unnamed, they just aren't official Shinigami.
A very helpful and popular source for information.
Bleach Wiki
The Wikia for the anime 'Bleach'.
Death Note Wiki
The Wikia for the anime 'Death Note'.
Monster Research Project - By Brad
When was it made?
Death Note was made June 17, 2006. Bleach was made October 4th, 2004.
Spiritual Arts Academy
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