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Shweta Chandrasekharan

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of glacier

How many glaciers are in the world?
What will be the impact of glaciers disappearing?
Thank you for seeing our prezi! Glaciers
By: Shweta, Rachel and Ji Won What is a Glacier?
A large flowing ice mass

What are the types of Glaciers?
Why are glaciers melting? Global Warming
What is the biggest glacier? Lambert glacier How are glaciers dangerous? avalanches ice bergs More interesting facts! Sea levels rising Flooding areas 80% of the worlds water is in glaciers People who study glaciers are Glaciologists ice sheets Ice caps ice fields Where are the most glaciers found? norway Alaska Patogonia new Zealand How are glaciers formed? Snow piles up Gets bigger Forms a Glacier What kind of plants and animals live on glaciers? Alder leaves Alder roots How do glaciers move? how do the glaciers shape the earth carves the earth
moves soil
moves rocks
Snowshoe hare Migrating song bird Bottom parts melt Moves Glaciers in mars
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