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L-Guide / Enhance Every PC in your Library

No description

oleg b

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of L-Guide / Enhance Every PC in your Library

Empower Your
Public-Use / Staff
Desktop L-Guide A simple icon is unobtrusively sitting at the side of the computer screen.

When ready, simply slide the mouse over the icon to active L-Guide Works on
ANY computer
in your library ..or whatever..

don't worry,
you control
everything !

...change anytime One-Button Access
To ANY of your resources or destinations Wayfinding
BUILT-IN !!! Dynamically Generated Paths
Full Written Directions
Complete Web-Based Administrator Module to define/change anything
Access via smartphone
API's to build your own applications
More ... Wayfinding
ROCKS! Provide patrons a simple, secured and quick way to email without logging-in into any accounts or systems. Just click and email. On-The-Fly
Emailing Promote Your Library / Community

Define what / when to show and your message will automatically appear on every installation of L-Guide.

Any message / Any format Marketing Module
BUILT-IN TM http://www.latcorp.com/L-guide.html WOW !!
You define wayfinding to
any point you want. To a single book, to a shelf, nearest bathroom, post office - ANYTHING Don't worry, the emails are abuse-proof... ...and a lot more Easily Affordable, Risk-Free Yearly Subscription
for ALL computers
in your building
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