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Sweet 18 by Sheenagh Pugh

No description

Jane Adams

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Sweet 18 by Sheenagh Pugh

Sweet 18 by Sheenagh Pugh
You become an adult.

You can move away from home
You can vote
You can drink
You can get married without parental permission
You can fight in the army

How do you think parents feel about these changes?
First impressions - read through
Comparison to Romeo and Juliet
Writing about generational relationships in 'Sweet 18' and R & J
You at 18...
What life changes happen at 18?

What do you think you will be doing?

What do you think that your parents would like you to be doing?
What is the poem about?
Who is the speaker?
Who is the speaker talking to?
Writing task:

1) Who are the characters in this poem?
2) What clues tell you this?

Use evidence from the poem to support your answers.
Writing task:

Create two columns headed 'young man' and 'speaker'. Write in each column the nouns that describe the 'young man' and the 'speaker'.

E.g. 'scars' and 'parasite'
Writing task:

One of the characters is young. At the beginning, the narrator gives brief details of the young man's appearance.

a) What are these? List the quotes.
b) What do they suggest about the young man's character, and being young generally?

Provide at least THREE examples ... PEE your responses.
What do you think
the key themes
of the poem are?

Links to the innocence of Juliet at the beginning.
Compare to the awareness of the older woman of the dangers and the 'scars' that would have benefited Juliet, if she had been aware of the consequences of resisting fate and marrying Paris as her parents wanted.
'.... make away
such innocence, such perfection?'

similar to how she speaks with Romeo.
'... make their mark on white'

links to Capulet and his thoughts of Juliet and her innocence.

'What is canvas for, but to take colour,
through the artist's thought is no sooner
fixed in paint, than it begins to fall
short of his hopes?'
Capulet wanting to put her exactly as he wants to make her follow his instruction to marry Paris.
The beginning of the poem appears to be asexual (maternal) love.
It then changes to a more sexual love, or awareness... 'a choice meal'

Romeo is Juliet's meal of choice.
'clear, shining pane of glass' ... 'snow unbroken' ... 'canvas'....
Perfection - untouched snow and clear canvas
'sucking it out of him,'
sucking the life out of him like Montagues and Capulets feud suck the life out of Tybalt and perhaps, Romeo and Juliet - through their suicides.

'your parasite, your predator:'

The unhealthy relationship with parents.
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