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Book Talk: Cross my Heart and Hope To Spy

No description

Genevieve Gauthier

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Book Talk: Cross my Heart and Hope To Spy

Book Talk: Cross my Heart and Hope To Spy
Protagonist: Cammie

Antagonist: Her friend Dally
Conflict and Theme
Conflict: Person vs society
(Cammie vs parents and students)

Theme: Don't hold back (don't let things get in your way)
Name: Ally Carter
Chose this book:
-Cover of the book was interesting

-I already read a book from this author

Setting: Mood
Setting: International Gallagher girls spy school
Mood: Mysterious, nerve-racking, sad and depressing
Plot Summary
-Average girl named Cammie who goes to a spy school
-Meets friends but gets bad grades
-Her mother says to her that grades go first and not her friends
-Cammie finds out that one of her friends are from blackthorn.
Genre and Point of View
Genre: Fiction
Point of view: Narrator thats speaking and who is reading the story
Other book she wrote: I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You
Raised in Oklahoma
She has one older sister and her parents
Author used: irony (sarcaism)

Author used: well character development (for example: Cammie is a round character)
Author's Craft
Opinion on novel:
-Great developement
-Good ideas
-Good meaning (theme)

-a bit boring at one point of the story
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