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After the Dark Thought Experiment

No description

Calli Reinhart

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of After the Dark Thought Experiment

After the Dark Thought Experiment
How does one measure another person's worth?
Please write down your thoughts concerning these questions in your notebooks.
What's one positive personally trait that you value in yourself or others?
What's one profession that you consider important in making our society function today? What makes it important?
Does one’s profession, their skill set equal their value to humanity as a whole? ex. a doctor, a writer, a CEO, etc. Or is there more to consider when answering this question?
What commonly shared beliefs make up humanity today? What is our purpose, drive, interests, and progress goals as humanity?
Words for Thought
In a 2013 Indie film titled "After the Dark" (or "The Philosophers") a thought experiment is acted out on screen.
"At an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to choose which ten of them would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear apocalypse."
After the Dark
Within your own groups of 8 (or 9), only 4 (or 5) of you will be allowed into your imaginary, fully equipped "bunker".
Using reason your group will decided amongst yourselves who deserves a spot and who will stay behind solely based on everyone's profession and then later, an added fact about them.
Round One
You will each pick a profession at random.
Then you will each share your professions within your small group. Discuss the positives, usefulness, etc. of each.
Now vote which 4 (or 5) from your group will be allowed in the bunker? Remember to think about not just immediately after the first year trapped inside the bunker. Although you will be spending some quality time together remember what will be needed beyond that first year to re-boot the human race!

Round Two
Note: Everyone is "alive" at the start of each round, even if you were previousily 'left for dead'.
Now each of you will pick a "fact" about yourself to go with your already choosen profession.
Once again share both your profession and fact together to your group.
Discuss the new information and vote a second time on which 4 (or 5) will go inside the bunker.
Round Three
Now people who wish to switch their cards and pick out new ones may do so. (At least 2 people in each group have to do this for round three to work)
This round the groups will share both their profession and their “fact”.
Just like before discuss and vote for the last time.

Wrap-Up Group Discussion
Was there any patterns in your group's discussion that continued through each round?
Did certain professions get placed in the “bunker” every time?
Did any possible ‘illnesses’ of any of the group members affect decisions?
Other patterns?

Is there any comments/thoughts about today's thought experiment?
Please take a seat at one of the circles of desks, this will be your group for today's discussion and thought experiment!
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