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Unit Rate in Science

No description

Benjamin Law

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Unit Rate in Science

Unit Rate in Science
Speed of sound
Speed of light
Human's blood circulation rate
Temperature vs altitude
•340 meters / second
300,000 km / second
0.5 L /min
-0.65 degree Celsius /100 m
How much time for sound to travel 900 meters?
How much time does light take to travel from earth to the Sun which is 149,669,180 km away?
Adult human has about 5 liters of blood, how long does it take for all blood to circulate in body once?
Temperature decreases as altitude (height above ground) increases
Ground temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, what is the temperature on top of a 5000m tall mountain?
Rate of temp drop for a dead person
1.5 degrees drop per hour
Rate of population growth on earth
On average, 135 million people were born every year;
57 million people died every year.
What is the rate of population growth per year?
Rate of hair growth
0.5 inches per month
If you don't cut and trim your hair for 1 year, how much longer your hair would be?
Rate of nail growth
0.12 inches / month
The longest fingernails belonged to Lee Redmond (USA), her finger nails has an average length of 43 inches. How many years that she has "saved" her nails?
Human Pulse Rate
60 pulses /minute
How many heart beats do you have in a year?
At 3pm, CSI specialist determines that the temperature of a dead body is 22 degrees Celsius. What time did the person die? (normal temperature of human is 37 degrees Celsius)
Walking Speed
3 km/ hour
How much time does it take you to walk from MDHS to Niagara Falls which is 150km away?
Minimum Wage in Ontario
You are making minimum wage from a part time job. How much are you making in a month if you work 12 hours a week? (assume there are 4 weeks in a month)
149,669,180/300000=499 sec
=8.3 minutes
5/0.5=10 minutes
-12.5 Celsius
22-37=-15 degrees dropped
15/1.5=10 hours
died at around 4am
135-57=78 million growth / yr
0.5 x 12 = 6 inches longer
43/0.12=358 months
358 months = 30 years
# of minutes in a year = 60x24x365=525600 minutes
heart beats in a year = 31536000
50 hours
48 hr/mo x $10.25 =$492
Take out your calculator .... and get ready!
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