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Online Cafeteria Management

No description

Amey Bhavsar

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Online Cafeteria Management


1. User Friendly Interface with Language Support

2. Cafeteria Menu Options

3. Login Privileges

4. Event Catering

5. Seat Availability Status

6. Deals and Offers

7. Payment Center: E-Payment, Scan & Pay, E-bill
and traditional payment methods

8. Order Status Notification

9. Customer Feedback
Current Problems
Cost/Benefit Analysis
Customer End

Inconvenient Payment System

2. Time Constraint for students/faculty due to long queues and rush during peak hours

3. Untenable Seating problem

4. Excessive Paperwork incurred by staff for special orders

Cafeteria End

1. Unnecessary rush and long queues at payment counter

2. Dissatisfied and non returning customers

3. Increase in food cost due to lack of inventory regulation

4. Inefficient management of raw materials
Ordering Process Flowchart
Online Payment Flowchart
Inventory Management Flowchart
Cafeteria Payment Flowchart
Working of System
The New and Improved Cafeteria
Web based and mobile based application for ordering and payment

New Payment Methods: Online Payment, Scan and Pay and E-bill plus traditional methods

Inventory Regulation Software

Seating Availability Information

1. Inventory Regulation Accessibility

2. Menu Modifier Accessibility

3. Automated Troubleshooter

4. Customer Feedback Analysis & Reporting
Average Cafeteria
Cost Of Implementing New System
GUI for Mobile Based Application
GUI Sketches
1. Easy system to implement for any cafeteria
2. One time investment with guaranteed returns and minimum system maintenance
3. Provides benefit for both customer and cafeteria management
4. Marked increase in sales for cafeteria
5. Greater flexibility in ordering and payment
6. Savings in labor cost, food wastage control and easy inventory regulation
7. More efficient and more enjoyable experience for customers
Features of Mobile & Web based Application:
Features of CMS:
Save time on ordering food

Save time on making payments

Reducing queues

Giving the customers the opportunity to check on the empty seats

More convenient payments options

Optimizing the procurement of raw materials
Dependence on the Smartphones

Internet Availability required

Learning curve due to complex nature of system

Maintenance of the added parts of the system

Security issues due to the self-service nature of the new system
Continuously growing technology, which makes it easier and cheaper to implement new systems

Increasing smartphone usage

Increase in e-commerce usage

Need for faster service

Evolving payment options
People might not feel comfortable using the online systems as much as the old ones

Limitations of the number of customers due to reasons other than the performance of system; such as location, market capacity etc.
Net Present Value of the System
Benefits include saving and increased sale
1. At least one less employee would be needed ($18,000) (2000 hr * 9 Dollar/hour)
2. %15 increase in net income due to the enlarged capacity of the cafeteria (%15 * $150,000 = $22,500)
3. $50 saving per week due to better inventory systems ($2,500)
(50 Weeks * $50)
Thank You
Why CMS..???
How will it work..??
What will it require..??
What we thought off..??
Presented by:
1. Amey Bhavsar
2. Alireza Hessari
3. Divyashree Seethappa
4. Ilhami Sozen
5. Vineet Dalal
Under the Guidance of:
Prof. Vivek Veeraiah
What will the GUI look like..??
10 employees ($18000/employee annually)

50 seats

2000 customers per week

An average purchase of $10 per customer

%15 profit margin (after tax)
The initial investment ($39,000)

Gathering Data ($1,000)

Designing and Developing the Cafeteria Management Software, Mobile App and the Website ($15,000)

The hardware ($16,000)

Network: routers and servers ($7,000)
2 Self-Service check out stations ($4,000)
2 Screens ($2,000)
Sensors + Back end system ($1,000)
Misc. ($2,000)

Installation ($5,000)

Training ($2,000)

The Maintenance Costs in a year($5,000)
Software ($3,000)
Hardware ($2,000)
Presented by:
-Team 3 Members:
Increased Efficiency
System Block Diagram
No: of potential Customer
1. Amey Bhavsar
2. Alireza Hessari
3. Divyashree Seethappa
4. Ilhami Sozen
5. Vineet Dalal
Management of Information Technology & Information Systems (MG 6503)
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