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World religions

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marcella chavez

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of World religions

World religions
What is Islam?
The Islamic religion was founded in Mecca, 622 CE by Muhammed. 20% of the world practices Islam. Islam is also the fastest growing religion. The Islamic place of worship is called a mosque. All mosques face the city of Mecca where the first mosque was built, known as the Kaaba.
where is it most popular?
The Islamic religion is most popular in the middle east and north Africa.
Sects within Islam
The sects found in Islam are Sunni and Shia.
What is Christianity?
Christianity is one of the five major religions but also the most popular. It was founded in the first century in Levant region in the middle east by Jesus. The professions of faith state Jesus suffered, died, was buried, Resurrected, and ascended into heaven where he reigns with God the father.
where is it most popular?
Christianity is most popular in Italy and Poland where 99.9% of the population practice Christianity.
Sects in Christianity
The sects in Christianity are roman catholic, eastern Othodox, protestantism compare christian denominations on commparson charts.
Holy Days of the Year
the Holy days in the christian religion include:

40 day periode until easter
-All saints day
honor of saints
4 Sunday's before Christmas
-Good Friday
last Friday before Easter
Jesus' birth

what is Buddhism?
Buddhism was founded in 520 BCE by Siddharta Gautma in north eastern India. This religion is revolved around peace and tranquility. The place of worship is the temple
where is it most popular?
Buddhism is mainly practiced in Tibet and Mongolia. Although, it is also very popular in china, Japan, Korea, and south Asia. 13% of the worlds population practices Buddhism
Sacred Scripture
The sacred scriptures for the Buddhist are found in the Pali Canon.
Sacred Scriptures
The sacred scriptures in the Christian religion are the bible.
Sacred Scriptures
The sacred scriptures in islam are found in the Qur'an.
holy days
The holy days in islam are:

month of fasting

-Eid al-fitr
festival of breaking fast

first day of Muharram

-eid al-adah
festival of sacrifice
holy days of the year
vary by religion but often include:

-Buddah's birthday -Buddah's enlightenment

-lunar quaters
what is Judaism?
Judaism was founded in 1300 BC in Mesoptamia by Abraham. The place of worship unlike other religions is called a synagogue. The jews pray at daylight, afternoon, and sun down.
where is it most popular?
The jewish religion is mainly located in Israel, Europe, and the united states. approximately 12% of the worlds population follows the jewish religion.
Sacred Scriptures
The sacred writings for the jewish religion is found in the Torah
holy days of the year
the holy days in Judaism are:
-the day of remembrance
- Pesach

''Jewish Christmas''
''jewish Halloween''

what is Hinduism?
Hinduism is a religion founded in 1500 BC in India by many people. It was a religion revolved around liberation and the circle of reincarnation.
where is it most popular?
The Hindu religion is very popular in India but also in the united kingdom and the united states of America.
sacred writings
The sacred writings in the Hindu religion are found in Das, Upanishads, Sutras, and Bhagavad Gita.
sects within the religion
The major sects within the Hindu religion are Saivism, Vaisnavism, and Saktism
holy Days
the holy days in the Hindu religion include:
day after full moon
row of lights
Sects in Buddhism
The sects within the Buddhist religion are Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana
Sects in Judaism
the sects with in Jewish religion are reform, conservative, and Orthodox.
what are some characteristics of the of the five major religions?
how does religion affect the world today?
what major conflicts have been influenced or caused by religion?
how has religion played a role in your culture or life?
some characteristics of the five major religions include:
-difference in prayer
-different Gods
-manner of praise
Religion affects the world today in Positive but also negative ways. It creates a world with a variety of cultures and paths to follow. But also, because not all religions meet eye-to-eye, it can also bring racism, violence, affect our way of thinking, government issues, and in extreme cases, war.
major conflicts that have been caused or influenced by religion are cultural and structural violence, racism, and a more commonly known conflict is religious war. The most famous and effective wars are the french wars of religion in 1618, crusades in 1095, Lebanese civil war in 1975 and more.
Religion has played an important role in my life by allowing me to explore and learn more about these religions and understand the difference of them. Also, to accept those of other religions and not judge them for having different beliefs. It has allowed me to know that the differences that are involved in our religions is what defines who we are.
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