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Week 4 AHCS Academic skills

No description

Gretel Jones

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Week 4 AHCS Academic skills

Week 4
The Australian Health Care System
Gretel Jones

Today's tutorial
2. What specific sub-topic within that bigger topic do I need to focus on?

A. Your chosen priority population group.

Analyse the question
3. Does the assignment task provide an
to the topic?

Marking Criteria
Essay Explained
Due Week 8
Friday 22 April, 5pm
1500 words

1. Tutorial Workbook Questions

2. Subject Matter info related to essay

3. Relating subject matter to essay question

4. Academic Skills Development Team Session
Developing an Essay Plan with you

Biological reasons do not explain the disproportional incidence of morbidity (sickness) and mortality (death) among poor and Aboriginal or Maori people.

Social reasons do.
(Waddell & Peterson, 1994, p. 11).
For to care for the sick and dying and do nothing about those things that cause some groups of Australians or New Zealanders to get sick more often and live far fewer years than others is obscene;

to feed and shelter the poor and not query the politics and economics of poverty in either country is myopic;

and to run readily accessible private hospitals for the rich and leave the poor queuing for public hospitals, and not ask governments, medical associations and churches why, is irresponsible.
(Waddell & Peterson, 1994, p. 12).
The levels of mortality and morbidity in these peoples are linked to the socially unjust societies in which they live. They are less likely to access health services; when they do access services they are not always treated justly; and wealthier people live healthier lifestyles than do poorer people.

Those who work in health care are exhorted to engage in anthropological and sociological analysis of the inequities that exist in illness occurrence, in illness care and illness prevention.

But wait! There's more ...
1. What is the overall topic the task is asking me to address?

Factors that influence:
the health of Australians
the functions of the Australian health care system
Step 1: Overall topic
Discuss the various
factors which influence
both the
health of Australians
and the
functions of the Australian health care system

Discuss with reference to your chosen priority population group.
Step 2: Sub-topic to focus on
Priority population groups, below, are populations identified by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2012) as having health inequalities:
People in rural and remote areas
Priority population groups experience health inequalities

Multiple factors influence health, health services and contribute to inequalities
Step 3:
Discuss the
factors which influence both the health of Australians and the functions of the Australian health care system.

Discuss with reference to veterans / other ...
Step 4: Instruction words
the various factors which influence both the health of Australians and the functions of the Australian health care system in relation to a priority population group by:

a priority population,
how two social determinants influence the health of this priority population and
how the Australian health care system is addressing or not addressing these social determinants which influence health of this population.
Analyse the question
4. What kind of answer are the instruction words asking for?
Advice from an experienced student
Last minute rarely works. Start 2/52 ahead of due date.
Write reference list as you go. Learn Endnote.
Read the question, Read the question, Read the question. Check each paragraph answers the question.
Grab easy marks - right font, spacing, word count, referencing, etc. Late penalties are a waste of your time.
Get help if you need it.
Follow the rules. Don't plagiarise. Glory in your own work.
Look at 'Recommended / Related articles'
Why bother?
Development of professional writing skills
Required throughout your professional life
Development of ability to write in 3rd person
Required for reports and progress notes
Development of reasoning skills
How did you get to this conclusion?
What influenced your decision making?
What evidence do you have that supports this?
Discuss how social determinants of health (SDOH) influence the health of Australians from one (1) priority population group:
1. Prisoners
2. Veterans
3. People living in rural and remote areas
In reference to this discussion, describe how the Australian Health Care System (AHCS) is addressing (or not addressing) health inequalities for this population.
Essay Question
Adding: ( /50)
Written expression and appropriateness( /5)
Organization ( /3)
Cohesion ( /3)
Referencing ( /7)
Content Areas 1-3
: ( /32)
Length: up to 5
Formatting: up to 5
Late submission: up to 50
Social determinants
Conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.

Circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels.

the social gradient
early life
social exclusion
social support

Paragraph development
Each paragraph is like a mini essay
Topic sentence (introduction/concise sentence) Point of the paragraph
How does evidence support your point?
What is your evidence?
How does your evidence link to the point?
Conclude the paragraph (often links to the next)
Describe how the AHCS addresses/not addresses these determinants.
In particular, discuss how this impacts on your chosen priority population group.
Worth 12.5 marks
3rd content section of essay body
2nd content section of essay body
Before you go ...
Week 5 preparation: in Week 4

Please allocate tutorial groups into researching a country:

UK, US, France, Sweden, NZ, Japan, Germany, Israel, Canada

Prep for week 5:
Developing a health care system for Tunisia
Preparation: Research your allocated health care system in preparation for the tutorial.

What is the structure of this health care system?
What are the strengths?
What are the limitations?
How is it funded?
What type of system is it?
What is the ideology or political structure behind this system?

3 content areas
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