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How my brother Leon brought home a wife

No description

Suzene Medalla

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of How my brother Leon brought home a wife

Report by:
Jon, Krystalene M.
Medalla, Suzene N.
Villaraza, Caryl Mae S.

Noel/Leon acts as a protagonist in the story because the story revolves around him. Baldo, the younger brother of Leon, acts as deuteragonist because he has an important role in the story. While the minor characters are Labang, Aurelia, mother and sister of Leon and Ca Celin because they are the extras in the story. The round character is the father of Leon because his inference about Maria changed when he already met her.
The setting of the story was in Nagrebcan, Leon’s hometown. This story takes place in a farm where people would usually ride in a carabao. The place was in La Union, Province.

Elements of Fiction:
Character Sketch
- older brother of Baldo
- he is the one who brought
home a wife
- He is responsible, caring,
gentle, and loving husband


she was born in the city
- the wife of Leon
- she is lovely and tall

- younger brother of Leon
- he narrated the story

- he was mildest-tempered,
gentlest man

- the hardworking bull

The conflict in the story is all about man vs. his environment because Leon was worried about what others would say about Maria. It’s hard for him to know if the people around him will have positive or negative impressions to Maria and most of all if the people in Nagrebcan can accept Maria as the wife of Leon.

The inciting action was when “Maria stepped down from Carretela of Ca Celin with a quick delicate grace. She look lovely and tall. She looked up to Leon with a smile, and her forehead was on level with his mouth.

The rising action was when they took the dry bed of Waig as a substitute of passing the Camino Real and it was the wish of there father to go by Waig.

The intense part of the story are the challenges of Maria encountered. One of the good example is when Maria tested if she will become irritated or not if she holds Labang.Also, when she rides on a cart because she wear a high heels, and she chose to passed by to Waig instead of Camino Real.Lastly, when Maria and Leon sang together the song "Sky Sown of Stars" and when Leon asked her if she missed her city because Maria decided to live/ start a new life with Leon in province.

The falling action came when Leon was searching for their father and her mother told them that his leg is bothering him again. The conclusion was when Baldo cross the threshold of his father and ask him about Maria. Afterwards the door opened and Leon and Maria came in. Baldo looked to Maria so lovely and went out to watered Labang which his father told him.
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