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Suffixes "~ian" and "~or"

The suffixes "~ian" and "~or" mean a person who.

Zong Heng

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Suffixes "~ian" and "~or"

This week's suffixes "~ian"
and "~or" mean a person who.

When you add "~ian" or "~or" to the end of a root word, it changes the meaning of the word to mean "a person who."

5. juror (noun):
6. legislator (noun):
9. translator (noun):
8. octogenarian (noun):
7. librarian (noun):
a person who is a member of a jury that listens to both sides of a law case in a courtroom to decide if the person is guilty or innocent
a person who makes laws
a person who works in a library
a person who is between 80 and 90 years old
a person who changes one language into another; a person who "cuts across" the language barrier
4. inventor (noun):
a person who creates something that has never before been created
1. centenarian (noun):
A person who is at least
100 years old.
Outcome-Possibility of decisions in a group.
3. governor (noun):
A person who manages
the political actions of a state; a state leader
2. dictator (noun):
A person who tells people what to do without giving them choices.
10. veterinarian (noun):
a person who is a doctor of animal science
7. Mrs. Stein is the librarian at Prairie View.
3. Our governor Mark Dayton was a teacher.
1. My friend's dad is a centenarian because he is 100 years old.
2. When a country has a dictator
for a leader, the people do not have
freedom to do what they want.
4. George Washington Carver was a great inventor for the many uses of peanuts.
5. Mr. Law was asked to be a juror to help decide if Billy Robber is guilty or innocent of the crime.
6. The Minnesota legislators help make laws for the people of Minnesota.
8. My grandmother is an octogenarian because she is 86 years old.
9. Sometime Mrs. Heng is a translator for her mom who is not fluent in English.
10. Jenny wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up because she loves helping animals.
Remember a suffix is a word part
that is added to the end of a root word. It changes the meaning of the word.

invent + or = inventor
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