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Writing Component

Juliana Niza Ismail Adnan

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of MUET Talk

Malaysian University English Test
MUET 800 / 4 Writing Component Stimulus Writing:

Question 1 (40 minutes) requires you to transfer information from a non-linear source (charts, graphs, tables) to a linear text. You are required to write from 150 words to 200 words. Writing Question 1 Extended Essay

Question 2 (50 minutes) requires you to write 350 words based on any given stimulus. MUET Writing Question 2 Read English newspapers to get exposure to current issues
Read model essays to be inspired by different writing styles
Practice! Practice! Practice!
IMPORTANT!! Your writing ability depends on your reading. Helpful Tips to Prepare for the Writing
Component Always spend a bit of time planning/drafting on what you will write. This helps in organisation. You can do this by:
Brainstorming ideas
Preparing a mind map
Jotting down any other relevant detail. Helpful Tips to Prepare for the Writing Exam “All the so-called ‘secrets of success’ will not work unless you do ” Thank You

THE END Example of Good Development of Paragraph First and foremost, an individual should have his or her own free right to make their own choices in life. This is because by choosing a career choice based on their own interest, they are actually exercising the freedom of rights and by doing so, will allow them to pursue a career that excites them. Their interest will be their passion that fuels the desire to succeed in a career that they chose for themselves. As an example…(continued) DISAGREE TASK FULFILMENT Interest can sustain a lifelong career
Interest as motivation
Interest as advancement/personal development
Interest as passion
Interest leads to dedication AGREE TASK FULFILMENT Make a clear stand
Keep to the stand consistently throughout the essay
Possible angles of discussion
Agree: Yes, interest should be taken into account
Disagree: It should not be taken into account or There are other factors which should determine a person’s career choice.
Partially agree: To a certain extent, interest should be considered but… Question 2 (Tips) Language
Accuracy of language
Clarity of meaning
Use of wide variety of sentence structures
Appropriate and varied vocabulary
Effective connectors
Coherence Question 2 (Tips) Organisation Question 2 Requires you to write an essay, report, article or letter based on a topic.
To do well, you have to do the following:
Read and analyse the question.
Prepare an outline.
Develop a thesis statement.
Write the draft.
Revise, edit, proofread the draft
Write out the final essay AVOID!!!!! MERE DESCRIPTION
For night market, it shows 11% while supermarket shows 5% of consumers in 2010.
The percentage of consumer to the supermarket in 1985 at 5% and then in 2010 at 60%.
According to Table 1, the characteristics for supermarket in 2010 was big discount, comfort, variety and convenience while wet market had price negotiable, personalised service and variety. Next, the grocery store had… AVOID!!!!! IRRELEVANCIES
Nowadays, there are many places where we can buy our groceries for example the supermarket, 24-hour store, grocery store, wet market and night market.
The percentage of consumers who visit the shopping venues in 1985 are supermarket at 5%, 24-hour store at 2%, grocery store at 37%, wet market at 45% and night market at 11%. Meanwhile for 2010, the percentage of consumers to supermarket is 60%, 5% for 24-hour store, grocery store has 10%, wet market at 14% and …. AVOID!!!!! INACCURACIES:
The percentage of consumers to the 24-hour store was the lowest for both 1985 and 2010 (2% and 5% respectively) due to the fact that the venue only offers convenience.
Consumers to the 24-hour store increased steadily from 2% in 1985 to 5% in 2010.
The percentage of consumers to the night market stayed constant at 11%.
Since 1985 until 2010, it can be seen that the supermarket became the most popular shopping venue. Conclusion It is clear that supermarket has superseded other shopping outlets as the most popular venue for grocery shopping in 2010 in terms of what it offers to customers. PARAGRAPH 2 KEY FEATURES which consist of:
Analysis (A)
Synthesis (S) of data (Numbers/Changes)
Link (L)
IMPORTANT! Analysis is considered complete when you have fulfilled all these elements
Correct trend word PARAGRAPH 1 OVERALL TREND (OT)
Supermarket was the most preferred shopping outlet based on certain characteristics in 2010.
Consumers show a clear preference for shopping for groceries at supermarket due to certain features in 2010.
The characteristics of the venues in 2010 play a big role in determining the percentage of consumers to a shopping venue. Let’s look at MUET End - 2011 Writing Component Question 1 ESSAY STRUCTURE Paragraph 1: (T)
(I / OV)
Paragraph 2/3: (KF – A and S + L)

Paragraph 4: (C) Question 1 (Tips) Study the graphic aids carefully! You might get more than one.
Know the specific words used to describe the information presented in a graphic aid, it will help you to choose the correct option
e.g. Increase, decrease, increase gradually, decrease rapidly, plummets swiftly, fluctuates, stable, decline, dip, steep drop Example of Good Development of Paragraph …a person who may be burdened by their parents to take up medicine, yet having an interest in photography, would eventually suffer in doing something that does not excite them. They may experience dissatisfaction at work and lose the drive to develop his or her career further. On the other hand, by allowing a person to choose based on interest, his or her career would surely flourish and prosper DISAGREE TASK FULFILMENT Interest leading to innovation/new ideas/products
Interest leading to self satisfaction
Interest helps overcome obstacles/face challenges AGREE Let’s look at MUET End - 2011 Writing Component Question 2 Question 2 (Tips) What are the aspects examiners look for in an essay?
Task Fulfilment
Understand the topic
Develop ideas
Present view points effectively
Show mature treatment of topic Question 2 (Tips) You have to come up with your own main points and supporting details. Remember that examiners look for mature treatment of the topic.
Write interesting introductions (to grab the reader’s interest) and conclusions (a way to ‘wrap up’ your essay to avoid a sense of incomplete discussion ) . AVOID!!!!! MAKING ASSUMPTIONS
Even though the wet market offers variety of product in 2010, it only opens during the day.
Consumers do not like to shop in supermarkets in 1985 because the venue was considered to be the shopping place for the wealthy.
The percentage of consumers to the 24-hour store remained low in the two years because people want to shop at places that offer big discounts. KEY FEATURES The 24-hour store was the least frequented outlet in 2010 as convenience was the only pull factor. (L+S)
The percentage of shoppers frequenting night markets remained the same at 11% in both 1985 and 2010. (A)
Convenience, negotiable price and variety were the main attractions for night market in 2010. (A)
In 2010, in spite of personalised service offered, the wet market (14%) and grocery store (10%) had lost their appeal.
The grocery store and wet market experienced a marked drop in popularity , 27% and 31% respectively.
KEY FEATURES In 1985, wet market and grocery store were the two most popular outlets for grocery shopping at 45% and 37% respectively. (A)
In 1985, the two least frequented venues were the supermarket at 5% and 24-hour store at 2%. (A)
However, in 2010, supermarket became the most popular shopping outlet at 60% because it offered big discounts, comfort, variety and convenience. (L + S)
In 2010, 35% of shoppers still patronised wet market, night market and grocery store as prices were negotiable at these venues (L + S) Question 1 (Process Writing) Provide a title (T)
Introduction (I) – What does the stimuli represent?
Identify Overall Trend (OT) – What is the general trend of all the stimuli combined?
Identify key features (KF) – Analyse (A), Synthesize (S) and find the link (L) between two or three charts
Provide conclusion Question 1 (Tips) Examiners want to know whether you have the ability to analyse and interpret information and identify the trends based on the information given.
Therefore, it is not a mere mention on facts. The task requires you to reach to a conclusion by integrating all the information given.
Make sure your essay does not exceed the word limit (200 words). Examiners WILL count the number of words for every single script they mark. PARAGRAPH 1 Extract the TITLE (T) from the question and underline it
Consumer’s Choice of Venue for Grocery Shopping
INTRODUCTION (I) Mention all stimulus provided
Figure 1 shows places where consumers buy their groceries in 1985 and 2010 while Table 1 shows the characteristics of the shopping outlets in 2010.
IMPORTANT! Mention the years, if not considered partial introduction Monetary returns
Expectations of others/parents
Responding to job market demand
Experience Working environment
Needs of the nation/society
Practical reality/necessity Let's go through the process of writing for both Q1 and Q2
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