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Civil Rights Movement

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Greg Christie

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement

Strategies Freedom Summer
Freedom summer was a highly publicized campaign in the
deep south to register blacks to vote in the summer or 1964. Many college students from the north went down to Mississippi to
try to stop the political debate of African Americans in the south. African American men had just won the right to vote thanks to the
15th ammendment, but they werent able to use that right for the first
couple of years. Officials tried to stop African Americans from voting
by making poll taxes and literacy tests that blacks could not pay or pass. A
voting block would help stop other changes that would help African Americans. Montgomery Bus Boycott The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a year long protest about segregational seating on the buses. The protest ended with the Supreme Courts decision to stop segregation on buses. African Americans stopped riding the bus after Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man. She was arrested for her denial. Police got on the bus and pulled her off. By the next morning JoAnn Robinson printed of 52,000 fliers asking African Americans to stay off the Montgomery public buses the day or the trial. Martin Luther King Jr. gathered people in the basement of the church and thought of a plan to form a rally the night of the trial. Eventually the Supreme Court gave in and stopped segregation on buses. They were loosing to much money without African Americans riding the buses. Sit-Ins Sit-Ins were when African Americans would sit at a restaurant or diner until they got served. Most would not get served all day and would sit there and wait til the restaurant closed. African Americans would be taunted and yelled at. People would call them hurtful words and tell them to leave otherwise there gonna pay for it. Whites would push them out of the seats and beat them up. The African Americans would not fight back. They were using non-violence as Martin Luther King Jr. had told them to. Some African Americans would be arrested for just sitting there. Towards the end of these sit-ins there was over 70,000 people participating and around 3,000 had been arrested. They showed that nonviolent direct action could be a very useful weapon in the war against segregation. Freedom Rides Freedom rides is when blacks in whites who believed in ending segregation rode on interstate buses to different states and tried to stop segregation. The freedom riders faced many troubles though. They had people that would slash there tires and riot around the buses. There was even gun shots fired and people killed. The freedom riders had the strategie of using non-violence so therefor they didnt fight back. The police got involved with the freedom riders and arrested them. The freedom riders did not stop. They were risking there lives to stop segregation. The freedom riders were great people. People Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a guy who believed in non-violence. He used his non violent strategies that he learned from Ghandi, for Civil Rights. Martin was the president of his church. He was a very religious person. He believed in doing what is right. Martin thought of many strategies to try to stop segregation between blacks and whites. Martin gave a world famous speech still talked about today. The name of this speech is "I Have a Dream." In 1964 Martin was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize! He helped to end segregation. In 1969 Martin was assasinated. Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person. She was arrested for her act, but she was dearly loved. Rosa Parks influenced others. The next morning after her refusal to move there was 52,000 fliers passed out to African Americans saying not to ride the bus the day of her trial. African Americans ended up not riding the public buses for over a year. The Supreme Court agreed eventually ending segregation on the bus. None of this would have ever happened if it weren't for Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white person. Malcom X Malcom X was a public civil rights speaker and a human rights activist. He was courageous and wanted to stop the harsh treatment to African Americans. He is known as the most influential African American Speaker. People wanted to listen to Malcolm X because what he had to say was always good. He changed peoples minds about what the whites were doing to African Americans. Thurgood Marshall Thurgood Marshall was the first
African American to be in the U.S. Supreme Court. Before he was elected into the supreme court he helped with many civil rights movements. He had the famous saying "Separate but equal'' in the Brown vs. Board of Education. He was involved in changing voting for African Americans, property ownership, and school admissions. Thurgood Marshall was an important person in the Civil Rights Movement. Organizations KKK KKK stands for Ku Klux Klan or otherwise known as The Klan. Their purpose was to keep white peoples rights and not let african americans change that. They intimidated and scared people so they wouldnt want to change anything. They wore white costumes with pointy cone shaped hats. They burned crosses and even killed civil rights leaders. They used terrorism, violence, and lynching. They set fires to Jewish churches. Their goal was to stop civil rights. Black Panther Black Panther was a militiant African American organization. The leaders were Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. They were formed in 1966. They used armed forces to get black power and white oppression. They were formed in Oakland, California. They were trying to protect blacks from getting hurt and also trying to change the way of life for african americans. The Black Panther was a very powerful group in the civil rights movement. NAACP NAACP stands for Association for the Advancement of Colored people. They were formed in 1909 by a group of anti-racial activists. It was originally called the National Negro Comittee. They would fight in cases to support negros. They were the most successful african american group in court cases. They won many cases and helped blacks be free. They played a big roll in keeping blacks out of trouble in the civil rights movement. SCLC SCLC stands for Southern Christian Leadership Conference. They started after the Montgomery Bus Boycott. They used non violent attacks with many people. They would go out and boycott to try to get civil rights. They were mainly trying to stop segregation on buses. They wanted things to be equal from race, religion and background. They were a helpful and smart group of people and thats why they helped us in the civil rights movement. Events Little Rock Nine White Flight Brown vs. Board of Education Birmingham Campaign Birmingham Campaign was organized by the SCLC to bring attention to the unequal treatments of blacks. The campaign ran in 1963. During this campaign they used non violent strategies in the campaign. Birmingham was one of the most racial cities in all of the United States and that's why the campaign took place there. In their efforts to stop the unequal treatment of blacks the Birmingham Campaign was a great involvement in the civil rights. The Brown vs Board of Education made it so that there was no segregation between schools. Blacks could go to any school that they choose. Their saying was "Separate educational facilities are unheathly and unequal." The Plessy vs Ferguson was the case before this one trying to get the same thing. But the Brown vs Board of Education succeeded and won the segregation issues with schools. This was a great involvement in the civil rights movement. Little Rock Nine was a group of nine students enrolled in Little Rock Central High School. They were first not allowed in the segregational school. When they did come to school they were treated so poorly they left before entering. They had guards that wouldnt let them in the school. When they did enter the school they got called names, pushed around and yelled at. Some of them even got beat up. Their life was so bad. But they stayed with it and eventually the governor decided it was right to make all schools unsegregational. The little rock nine were a huge help in making schools unsegregated. The white flight is a term. It describes how the white middle class families moved out of their neighborhoods and african americans came in. The white neighborhoods were no longer only white. This changed how people looked at african americans. Instead of them being outcast they started to intermix with whites. This helped out in ending segregation in the whole country.
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