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What's IBA...!!??

No description

heba ali

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of What's IBA...!!??

's IBA...!!??
Our Mission..!!
join as a team from 5 student& academic adviser act as exploration team in company
What's IBA...
Is exactly simulate the worldwide IBA competition done by AAPG with same rules which is allow to fresh gradated geoscientist student with less than 6 months experience in oil industry
Requested to evaluate an area start up from regional studies
In two months only, winners teams will selected by pioneers in the oil industry
After finally presentation are expected to do great rank in the final competition world wide
A worldwide competition held by AAPG every year between different countries all over the world
each university in the region can participated by only one team those teams are competitor for first place to represented it’s region
AAPG Faculty Adviser Nominate winning teams for each university to participate in worldwide competition.
Reduce gab between the theoretical life and oil industry market and applicable life
Expected to “think outside the box” and look at new exploration models
Larger Number of students in different teams not only five students in one team from each university to participate from Each university
At Risk assessment and final recommendation passing through seismic and well log interpretation ,petroleum system and reservoir calculation
Learners Today Leaders Tomorrow
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