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Ho-Prezi Frankenstein


Henson Ho

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ho-Prezi Frankenstein

Frankenstein Mary Shelley Setting Plot Confilct Character Point of View Theme Setting (Time) eighteenth century Setting (Places) Geneva The Swiss Alps Ingolstadt England Scotland The Northern Ice Exposition The book begins with a series of letters from Robert Walton to his sister Mrs. Saville. It introduces the setting and how Walton stumbled upon Victor Frankenstein. Rising Action The rising action was the creation of the monster Climax The climax was the murder of Elizabeth Lavenza on the night of her wedding to Victor Frankenstein. Falling Action Captain Robert Walton rescued Frankenstein on the North Pole. Denouncement The monster came to pick Frankenstein up after Frankenstein’s death. Then, he told the captain that he wouldn’t be seen again. Internal conflict (Victor against himself) The struggle of Victor Frankenstein to repair the big mistake that he have done because of his big ambition. External conflict (the monster against the community) The community doesn’t want to accept the attendance of the monster. Protagonist Antagonist Victor Frankenstein He was the who created the monster The Monster He was the creation of Frankenstein and was rejected because of his looks. then he came for revenge. This story use dramatic point of view because the author gives chance to the audience to conclude the story by themselves. The theme of this story is “No man is an island”. Because in this story the author describes the monster as a lonely person who needs a soul mate. Ho, Henson B.
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