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tuven tuven

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Footwear Marketing Plan About Us Financial Company Name : Ghost X
Product : Shoes
Advantage : Multiple SWOT analysis the key strengths and weakness within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing by Ghost X SWOT Analysis Marketing Strategic Tag Line Anytime Anywhere Situation Analysis To reach profitability Ensure future success Unprecedented selection o current fashions Market Summary Target Market Aim the requirements of people of all stage ages belonging to varying categories Market Demographics Geographies The immediate geographic target is the city of Shah Alam with a population of 254,000.
A 45 mile radius is in need of the products.
The total targeted population is estimated to be 27,000. Demographics •Age range 18 - 50.
•25% of the customers are worker.
•15% of the customers are student.
• 20% of the customers are teenagers.
•15% of the customers are athletic. Behavior Factors •Fashion conscious.
•Tend to eat out at least once a week, typically more.
•Live the motto "fashion over function."
•Are always aware of the different fashion trends.
•Subscribe to, or at least read, several magazines that are fashion orientated. Market Needs 1 * selection
2 * accessibility
3 * Customer Service
4 * Competitive Pricing Market Trends Design Elements
Design Variations
Fashionable Market Growth > A strong market
> Steady growing
> Not affected when economic downturns EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Strengths * extremely strong relationships with distributors
* Excellent staff, Great discounts, Well trained and customer attentive
* stylish retail store Weakness * The struggle to build brand equity
* The inability
*forecasting the fashion Opportunities * An industry that seems immune to recessions
* The ability to operate on lean overhead relative to competitors Threats * Similar business modal
fashion is headed
* Constant delays in the shipment Competition Al-IKHSAN SANTA BARBARA ZALORA Product Offering sandals
stylish work shoes
dress shoes
canvas athletic
boots shoes Key to success fashionable designs
fast customer delivery
well-trained employess
selection Critical issues Mission To establish Ghost X has the premier purveyor of the shoe in the world Marketing Objectives To achieve a 10% increase in sales in 1 year
To increase 60% brand awareness by 2014
To gain 25% of the market for shoes by September 2014 Financial Objectives Experience a double digit growth rate for the first three years
Reduce store overhead by 5% each year
Reach profitability by the end of 2nd year Target Market Teenagers
Public Positioning Strategics Marketing Mix Pricing
Advertising and Promotion
Customer Service Marketing Research Sales Forecast Controls Revenue : monthly and annual
Expenses : monthly and annual
Customer Satisfaction
New Product Development Implementation Marketing Organization Contingency Planning Difficulties and Risk
problems reaching the break-even point due to lack-lusted sales
a break down in the just in time (JIT) business model
Consumers who are unwilling to wait a day or two to get their shoes
Worst cast risks may include determining that the business cannot support itself on an on-going basis Sales Strategy
All potential sales will be attended to in a timely fashion. While there will be a sales incentive bonus program, long-term salesperson relationships will take precedence over sales closures. Our goal is that 50% of our customers return within six months. We will market directly to the customer through mailings, phone calls, league presentations, and Internet/email contact.
Sales associates will be trained to "turn-over" a customer who has a more specialized need, if they cannot fully service the requirement.
Special orders will be encouraged as a method to satisfy a specialized need. We will enforce as liberal a return policy as possible. Because we can demand a higher level of service from vendors in regards to returns and special orders.

Break-even analysis

Break-Even Analysis:
Monthly Units Break-even 250 unit
Monthly Sales Break-Even RM 33 898
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