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Traditional Masculinity

Women gender studies 101

Gerunda Robinson

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Traditional Masculinity

What is traditional masculinity? Traditional masculinity refers to an attitude that men learn to perform, not behaviors they were born with of a typical male. & because this is a learned trait, masculinity can be changed (revised) no emotion The average traditional male.... masculinity is shaped through institutions knows how to throw a punch no weakness no vulnerability family provider macho big on pride sexually in charge boy scouts sports teams fraternities gangs sex industry military all teach us about masculinity and how guys are suppose to act to be considered a "real man" Masculinity in Disney movies.. viagra creates a meataphor suggesting the male body is like a machine. If it's broken, masculinity can be fixed or regained (Tarrant) "The Viagra Model" of masculinity presumes that sexual pleasure is about penetrability and hardness (Tarrant) certainly every male does not fall under "traditional" and somewhere along the way, masculinity has been revised. revised masculinity is considered non normative because these males are commutative, nurturing, sensitive, care for children and most definitely not afraid to show their emotions. Men are constantly under scrutiny by other men to measure up. Approval among guys involves organizing mainstream masculinity as a competition to rank as not feminine, not gay, not afraid (Tarrant) -revised masculinity is a great example of the many versions of masculinity, not just the dominant mainstream model of hyper aggressive manhood.
what it means to be masculine can look very different depending on a person's sexual orientation, class, religion, ethnicity, or race. masculinity is not only influenced through institutions, but by personal predilections (Tarrant) Revised masculinity is very positive and important especially because it helps males shape great relationships with not only their family, but with themselves. A real man can step outside of the box comfortably to please his children or wife without the worry of anyone questioning his sexuality because he truthfully knows that his sexuality is straight. being a real man doesn't have to mean setting oneself up in binary opposition to femininity (Tarrant) masculinity doesn't have to hinge on power and control over others (Tarrant) real masculinity can involve valuing a wide range of emotions, experiences, preferences, desires, and accomplishments (Tarrant) it is OK to be a revised male!
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