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Hollywood Physics Movie Physics

The chinese Connection

Jose Osoria

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Hollywood Physics Movie Physics

Movie physics
By Jose Osoria & Iyan Moreno The movie is The Chinese Connection.The synopsis of the movie is short and simple.Chen(Bruce Lee) comes back to Shang Hai after the death of his master.He finds out who killed him and goes out to seek revenge against the Japanese.Kills all of them and then gets arrested. Scene:
Chen(Bruce Lee)fights Yoshida the Sensei of the dojo bare handed while Yoshida has a sword. Chen kicksthe sword and the sword goes in the air for 13 seconds and runs through Yoshida. Yoshida VS Chen Formulas Used
Velocity v=d/t
Distance d=.5agt*t+vt v=d/t
v=.77 d=.5agt*t+vt
10=928.1 Conclusion
It is impossible for Chen to do this because he woold have to be in 928.1 ft building for this stunt to actually work.
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