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the frankslide

No description

Olivia Vilona

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of the frankslide

2.Who and which countries were involved?
The Frankslide happened in Frank
town Alberta Canada
3.when did this event take place?
the Frankslide happened on April,29
1903 at 4:10 am :(
The mountain was already unstable and the men mining under the mountain made it weaker and weaker until the face of the mountain fell and unfortunately crushed the town :(
6.What other interesting facts would you like to share with the grade 5's
20 men were working under the mountain when the mountains collapsed on the village.
1.what topic are you presenting?
The Frank slide
I am presenting Frankslide
"one of Canada's deadliest rockslides"
4. where did it take place?
Turtle mountain town of Frank Alberta Canada :0
5. What trigger the event?
Historical hype
Made by Olivia
90 people were killed 100 were injured.
None of the bodies have been picked up or buried
the indians of the area avoided the mountain because they predicted something bad would happen (it did)
when the rocks came down the mountain it took 100 seconds to reach the village "one hundred seconds of terror"
oh my!!
oh nooooo!!
how did this event affect our lifes in Canada today?!!????!!!!
less population people did not wanna come to Canada because they were afraid they might have an experience with a mountain they lived near.
how does this relate to the central idea of the grade 5 class?
it affected the townsmen life style and how they lived. the Franks slide activities have an impact of the townsmen quality of life and there environment.



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