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Job Interviews

No description

Tommy Lau

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Job Interviews

Avoid These Deal-Breaking Questions
What to ask?
Mention that you look forward to the next step of process
Reiterates interest in the job position
Reflects Enthusiasm
Way to quickly notify a crucial point that had been left out during interview

Asking thoughtful questions
Shows courtesy and respect to company’s representatives

Displays professionalism and desirable personal qualities

Describe a decision you made that wasn't popular and how you handled implementing it
A client has some problems with.... what would your advice be?
How many jellybeans can you fit in my office?
What's in a Name?

Case Study
On 20th October 2014, John went for a job interview with Ace Engineering Pte Ltd.

He was notified of the
interview 3 weeks ago.

However, John only started preparations the day
before the interview.

Why write a follow up email?
HW0310 Professional Communication
Before the Interview Starts



John's Interview
John was feeling very nervous after
reaching the company few minutes
before the interview.

He then decided to smoke nearby to calm
his nerves.

He then proceeded to mask the smell of
the cigarette smoke by
spraying a generous
amount of cologne.

At the start of the interview, John’s
nervousness began to show when he
failed to shake hands with his interviewer.

He immediately sat down and placed his mobile phone on the table.

During the interview process, John’s mobile phone rung; though the mobile was in silent mode, the vibrations disrupted the flow of the interview.

Midway through the interview, John got too comfortable and he began to slouch.

When questions were posed by the interviewer, John did not answer straight to the point.

In addition to the numerous irrelevant points he gave, there were multiple long pauses where he
pondered on how
to answer.

The questions asked by John when prompted by the interviewer revolved around job perks, benefits and working hours.

There were no follow up actions made by John after the interview.

2 weeks later, John received the rejection notification from the company.
Let's help John!
Just Before the Interview Starts
Post Interview
Physical Aspect
Cigarette Smell
Avoid smoking before an interview
A lingering cigarette smell will affect your chances negatively
Use nicotine patches or gum if needed
The scent can be overpowering, deflecting the focus from you
May trigger some bad memories for the interviewer
Being remembered for your smell rather than your capabilities/achievements
With any type of scent, less or none is better
Mental Aspect
Able to do something fun the day before the interview

Eliminate unnecessary stress

Have sufficient rest

Puts you in a good mood
Makes you happy
Makes you more
Allowing positive thoughts to flow through
May land you a job
No Do-Overs
David Keane
Director & Senior Corporate Psychologist
Davitt Corporate Partners
1st impression is formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone

33% of 2000 managers knew whether or not they would hire someone within 90 seconds
Turn off cell phone
Introduce himself to the receptionist & sit without distractions in the waiting area
Stand and shake hands with the person who escorts him to the interview
Smile, make eye contact, and keep an open posture
Introduce himself using his first and last name as he shakes hands
Body Language Speaks Volumes
Psychological Fact: People love to hear their own names
Find out names of interviewers from interview scheduler
Address interviewers by titles (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr.) and last names
Table Talk
Ask politely if he can take a seat
No personal belongings should be on the table:
Cell phones, water bottles, coffee cups, etc
Sit up straight with both feet planted firmly on the ground
Categories of Questions
Tell me about yourself
What was your GPA?
What were your responsibilities as an intern?
What is your biggest strength/weakness?
Predictive Validity
Clarify Outstanding Issues
Hiring Managers’
Writing a
Follow up Letter
Paragraph 1
Show Appreciation for the Interview
Use words like:
Thank you, Appreciate, Honored, Excited, Enjoyed
Re-emphasize your interest and fit for position
……for which I feel uniquely qualified, …..further convinced that my skills are a great fit for the position, ……share a similar vision
Paragraph 2
Assure suitability of job by matching key attributes
Use words like:
I am…., I can…., I will…., I hope to….
Confident, Ability, Contribute, Eager
Paragraph 3
Point out something you forgot that is deemed worthy/purposeful (Optional)
Paragraph 4
Final word of thanks
Learning Points
Interviewer's Reservation
Interviewer Fits You
Demonstrate Confidence
Reinforce Commitment
Interviewer's Challenge
Interviewer's Reservation
Interviewer Fits
Demonstrate Confidence
Reinforce Commitment
Interviewer's Challenge
What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?
States what interviewer is looking for exactly
What is the single largest problem your staff is facing and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem?
Thinking how you can help the team
Encourage interviewer to envision you working at the position
What have you enjoyed most about working here?
Big red flag if interviewer is pained to answer
Satisfaction level of staff
Connect at a personal level
What constitutes success at this position and company?
Shows interest in being successful here
Whether position is a good fit for you
Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?
Daring question
Shows confidence in skills and abilities
Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?
Assumes you will get the job
People working with on daily basis
In what way is performance measured and reviewed?
Importance of delivering results
Values of commitment, reliability and returns
What is the next step in the process?
Essential last question
Interested in moving along in the process
Hints on number of potential competitors
What NOT to ask?
"How much vacation time will I get?"
"What kind of benefits package do you offer?"
“If you want to give the impression that you're more interested in time off than working, ask this question. Otherwise, save it until after an offer has been extended”
Cathleen Faerber,
Managing director of The Wellesley Group,
an executive search company.
"What kind of company is this?"
Knowledge of Interviewing Company
"There's no excuse for going into an interview unprepared and not being knowledgeable about the company"
Cheryl Palmer
Career coach and a certified professional resume writer
Lacks Interest
Not asking at all
Lacks initiative to prepare for the interview
Should have researched about the company even before writing your resume and cover letter
Lacks Comprehension
P.A.R.K Method
Problem solving skills
Thinking on your feet
Communication skills
Business skills
P : Problem
A : Actions taken
R : Results
K : Knowledge gained
Proper Preparation
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