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The merchant of Venice

No description

Filippo Ascanelli

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of The merchant of Venice

The merchant
of Venice
William Shakespeare
Antonio is a rich Venetian merchant who invested all of his
money in his ship. Antonio
despises Shylock
Shylock is a Jewish moneylender,
father to Jessica, enemy to Antonio,
and one of the most complex characters of The merchant of Venice
Bassanio is one of the main characters of this commedy, he's in want of money which is why he ends up borrowing from Shylock. He is Antonio best friend and he will marry Potia
Portia is a young beautiful heiress who lives in belmont. Her father's will requires that she must marry the man who will choose the casket containing her portraid.

she is very clever.
Jessica is Shylock's only daughter. She breaks her dad's heart by running off to marry a Christian (Lorenzo)
He's Jessica's husband and a friend of Bassanio

The Venetian nobleman Bassanio asks his friend Antonio , a rich merchant of Venice , 3000 ducats to try to marry Portia. Antonio borrows the money from a jew's usurer, Shylock,who wants an obligation: a pound of flesh from Antonio's body.
Portia, in her home in Belmont, has been visited by many suitors. Her father's will requires that she must marry the man who will choose the casket containing her portrait. The Prince of Morocco and the Prince of Aragon both fails. Bassanio, who has arrived from Venice with Gratiano, sensibly chooses the lead casket.
In Venice comes the news that Antonio 's ships are wrecked and the debt hasn't been paid the in due time. Shylock demands his pound of flesh. Bassanio is extremely upset about this. Portia reassures him and offers to pay any amount of money. The men go back to Venice. Meanwhile, Shylock, devastated and angry that his daughter Jessica has run off to marry Lorenzo, a Christian friend of Antonio and Bassanio, demands a pound of Antonio's flash.Portia disguises as a lawyer and she defends the cause of
Antonio in front of the Doge.
The doge spares Shylock
but divides his wealth between Antonio and the Venetian state. Antonio gives up his part on the condition that Shylock converts to Christianity and leaves it
to Lorenzo and Jessica.Finally, Antonio's ships appear in port without damage

Antonio would give
his life for his friend Bassanio. During the
play he repeats several times that he doesn’t
want anything back.
His generosity his unlimited
In the play usury is seen an immoral practice by Antonio who represents the Christian a point of view .On the other hand, Jews were not allowed to do many jobs, and lending money for interest was the only way they could make a living.
In this play justice is a “weapon” that Shylock uses to show the Christians their real nature
and the hypocrisy
of their behaviour.
She shows that Shylock has right to Antonio's flesh but he can't shed a drop of Antonio's blood if he doesn't want to be executed for an attempt to Venetian's life.
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