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NC Native American Tribes

No description

Maritza Santos

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of NC Native American Tribes

NC Native American Tribes Cherokee Catawba Algonqiun Tuscarora The Cherokee was the largest tribe in NC and of the US. The Cherokee lacked in clay,so they would weave baskets. The Cherokee tribe stretch up to 40,000 sq miles in the Appalachian Mountains. The Catawba tribe was located in along the fall line. They were the largest group in the Piedmont region. Some of the Catawba called themselves "is wa" which meant "the people that lived on the river". The Algonquin tribes settled along the coast line. There was 3 groups the Waccamaw, Chowanoc,Pasquotnak. Clay was a big resource for them so they made lots of pottery. The Waccamaw was on of the largest tribes in the Cape Fear,there name was given to one of the Carolina Bays. These tribes were located in the
Coastal Plains in 1500s. They were fifteen villages large. Tuscarora meant "hemp gathers", they were called
this because they
would use hemp to make rope
and binding cords. The Iroquoian language was the
main language used by this tribe. The Cherokee were forced out of their homes by the Iroquians (trial of tears). Resources:
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