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Levi Nelson Engineering Resume

Versatile problem solver with 5 years experience planning and improving production of precision parts in highly regulated industries. Knows forming, machining, and finishing of metal and carbon fiber.

Levi Nelson

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of Levi Nelson Engineering Resume

Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis,
Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Material Science
Electronics, Mechatronics, and Industrial Control Systems (PLC’s)
Lean Manufacturing, Project Management, System Design
3D Solid Modeling, Equation Solving, Spreadsheets, and Programming
Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations

Quantum Physics, Astronomy, and Physical Chemistry

Heat Transfer, Lean Manufacturing and Industrial Control Systems
B. S. in Integrated Engineering
Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah
MakStride LLC. – Prosthetic Foot Design, Testing, and Manufacturing
St. George, Utah
Jan. 2011-July 2012
Industry Experience
Levi Nelson
Machined metal, formed metal and pre-preg carbon fiber manufacturing
Ensuring conformance to customer and internal requirements
Understanding specifications and blueprints with GD&T
Drafting with SolidWorks, NX, and AutoCAD
Creating and maintaining work instructions and engineering documents
Validating tools and processes
Applying lean manufacturing principles
Process and tooling improvement
Root cause analysis and problem solving
Developing MS Excel and Access applications including use of macros
Utilizing MS Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint
CNC machining operations

Design for manufacturability principles
Metallurgical heat treatments and plating processes
Carbon fiber layup and mold design
With Working Knowledge of:
Experienced In:
Mobile phone:
(435) 327-1677
Passed the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
NASA Scholarship Recipient (Rocky Mountain Space Grant Consortium)
National SMART Grant Recipient
Worked as a teaching assistant for two algebra professors
Tutored math and engineering in Academic Development Lab
Researched and selected high efficiency appliances for an off-grid home
Designed and built a low energy cooling system
Met and married my wife
Accomplishments at MakStride
Milking Cows
Building Fences
Painting Houses
Harvesting Potatoes
Petting Zoo Labor
Cutting Firewood
Weeding Fields
Missionary Service
Sheetrock Labor
Building Concrete Basements
Irrigating and harvesting hay
Tutoring Math Students
Drafting for Surveyors
Ski Instructing
Integrated Engineering is a cross disciplinary engineering curriculum with broad scope.

I learned to apply engineering principles and find solutions in structural, mechanical, and electrical design.

My education enables me to engage directly with my team by understanding the project from the perspectives of the other members.
Metalcraft Technologies Inc. - Aerospace Manufacturing
Cedar City, Utah
July 2007-Dec. 2010
I designed and proposed an alternative layup procedure that would eliminate the need for batching, minimize in process inventory, and reduce lead time.
I created a traveler document template with quality assurance checks at each value added process.
Planning Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Other Work Experience
I'm not afraid to work hard and get my hands dirty!
My name is Levi Nelson, and I’m currently looking for a job in manufacturing or design.
I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and 7 years of engineering experience in manufacturing settings.
I create plans, procedures, and tools that improve work flow and reduce errors. I have direct experience with a variety of fabrication tools and processes.
My employers value me for my versatility, attention to detail, and ability to see the big picture.
I am creative and learn quickly.
After only 6 months I was entrusted with managing the Boeing Military account consisting of over 1300 part numbers mainly for the F-22.
Accomplishments at SUU
Overview of Coursework:
Elective courses:
Accomplishments at Metalcraft
Why You Should Hire Me
Praise for Levi Nelson
Levi is devoted and considerate with strong personal values...and strong muscles.
-My wife
Thank You
Thank you for your consideration! I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my experience and qualifications. Please feel free to contact me at:
(435) 327-1677
Planning the production sequence for aircraft parts
Selecting processes based on machine capabilities and part tolerances
Writing instructions to ensure that drawing requirements are met
Programming waterjet paths, creating shop drawings, and flat patterns
Collaborating with production personnel to prevent fabrication errors
Assisting with root cause analysis and implementing corrective actions
Facilitating the fabrication and assembly of components
Working to ensure on-time delivery of quality products
Training and supervising production personnel as needed
Creating tools and writing procedures to improve process reliability
Assisting senior engineers with drafting and documentation
Validating and implementing new processes and tooling
He's always willing to help with anything.
-My wife's mother
An inventive thinker, Levi enjoys a challenge and likes finding new ways of doing things.
-My mother
Outdoor Recreation
Tinkering with electronics
Board games & puzzles
I take ownership of tasks and demonstrate personal accountability
I am flexible and delight in undertaking new challenges
I am a responsible team member with the ability to work independently
I am forward thinking and detail oriented with a commitment to quality
I have polished analytical and problem-solving abilities
I take initiative and make recommendations
My Favorite courses:
...or ask my references
Monty Moshier
President, Chief Scientist
MakStride, LLC.
Phone: (435) 215-4183
Bruce Maxwell
Quality Director
Metalcraft Technologies Inc.
Phone: (435) 586-3871
I visualize solutions and apply my analytical and problem-solving abilities
I take initiative and make recommendations
I take ownership of tasks and demonstrate personal accountability
I collaborate effectively and work toward goals as a responsible team member
I strive for quality with a forward thinking and detail oriented approach
I delight in new challenges and in acquiring new skills
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