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American Imperialism during WWI

No description

Evelyn V.

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of American Imperialism during WWI

American Imperialism during WWI
Essential Questions:
Did competition influence American imperialism?
How did it impact the daily lives of Americans and the economy overall?
Did the political decisions lead to the U.S. involvement in WWI?
Learning Target
1. I can descibe how imperialism affected the United States.
2. I can determine if the economy and political changes were a factor, bother, or aid towards WWI.
1. What does the eagle represent?
2. What do the stars represent?
3. What do you think is the message of this image?
1. Isolationism
2. Ethnocentric
3. Neutral
4. Allied Powers
5. Central Powers
6. Imperialism
7. Expansionism
Middle Activity
Create a short story based on the image to the left
Ending Activity
Grab a piece of paper for group and each student do one column of MAIN causes of WW1
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