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vipul chawla

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of TextAnalytics_draft

Concept flow Consumer sentiment analysis Place your own picture
behind this frame! Double click to crop it if necessary (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Stockholm (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Then what? Model Building Data Mining Challenges & Future recommendations Challenges Future Recommendations Vipul Chawla Sentiment Analysis Data Preprocessing Visualization & Pattern Discovery Analysis Results Understanding type of sentiment & opinion Identify Industries In Conversation Measure strength of the sentiment!! Identifies new growth opportunity
Conducts Personalized marketing
Gathers Feedback Survey Project Overview Analyze 22k Tweets
Identify data Patterns using SAS
Topic Prediction Twitter Corpus Data XML to XLS
Data Alignment, Cleansing & Consolidation
Topic Generation using SAS EM
Iterative process for Dictionary Creation
Category allocation using VBA Macro Stemming Concept
Link DataSet : Train 40%
Validate 30%
Test 30%
Text Parsing, Text Topics
Text Mining and Model Creation
Decision Tree Data Anomalies Multiple Languages
Incomprehensible Date Format or special characters
Lack of User Profile Information Dictionary Building is a continuous Process Selective Portfolio of Topics
Comprehending Semantics Tweet - "I am going to freeze to death tomorrow!!" Travel / Vacation
+ve Sentiment Text Parsing Text Topics Survey to gauge consumer behavior
Contextual Comprehension Enhance Array of Categories
Inclusion of Punctuation/Metaphors/Slangs Develop product recommendation procedure Model Comparison Bachelors of Engineering in mechanical
MBA University of Connecticut School of Business' 12
7 years of full time experience
Intern at Walmart Corporate office @AR
Currently working at Stanley Black & Decker
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