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Blue Jay vs. Cardinal

No description

Jared Rindler

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Blue Jay vs. Cardinal

Blue Jay vs. Cardinal Behavior Some behaviors of the blue jay and cardinal are that they are similar and different. Fruit Sample Foods Sunflower Seeds Mostly cardinals and blue jays eat fruit and sunflower seeds. Babies The cardinal and blue jay lay around 3 to 6 eggs which are a green, yellow, or blue with gray and brown spots. Habitat When the blue jay sings, it makes a sound that sounds like a bell. When a cardinal sings, it sounds like someone is whistling. Blue Jay Cardinal Blue jays and cardinals have similar shapes and diets, but are very different animals. Blue jays and cardinals both live around the same place. Blue Jay Blue jays live in forests, groves, suburbs, and farmlands. Cardinal Cardinals live in bushes, in gardens, and at the edges of forests. Physical Characteristics Cardinal Blue Jay As you can tell, cardinals are red while blue jays are blue, but there are many other differences and similarities in the characteristics of these two birds. Conclusion Although the cardinal is different from the blue jay, they have some similarities.
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