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Archaic Greek Art

No description

Ilana Engel

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Archaic Greek Art

Geometric Krater
Geometric Krater (huge bowl for mixing wine and water) from Dipylon Cemetery; Athens; 740 BCE
Inspired by Egyptian buildings
People worshiped outside
Temple proper held cult statue of deity
Ornamentation on frieze and pediment
Often painted architectural elements
Doric vs Ionic
Massive in appearance
Light, airy
Much more decorative
Slender columns
Much more decorative
Greek Society circa 600 BCE
Kourus Sculpture
Marble Statue, 6 ' 1/2''; Greece 600 BCE
Statue emulates the Egyptian format for statues
Very rigid with left foot forward
sculptor drew the features on 4 sides of the block
Archaic Greek Art
Meander, (key) patter around the rim
Storytelling vase paintings
People are 2-dimensional; strong use of triangles (torsos)
body was liberated from original stone block
Greek youth statues are indistinguishable from statues of Deities
triangular shape of head and hair
flat face
Daedalic style
Tried to achieve perfect proportions

Order, compactness, symmetry
slim waist
arch of rib cage echoes the V-shaped ridge at hips
Greek statues were liberated from stone block
"Better" because:
Tried to achieve perfection (proportion)
Practical art (krater)
Focused on "the now"
Men and woman equal sizing
Expressed emotions (archaic smile)
Honored the gods and the dead
Always innovating
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