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What type of sponge holds the most water?

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rycardo gray

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of What type of sponge holds the most water?

My hypothesis is that the sea sponge will hold the most water.
Materials used were water, bowl, measuring cup, different types of sponges that are similar in size.


Take a sponge and press it inside a bowl full of water. Then squeeze the sponge into the measuring cup until all of the water is out. Record the measurement. Do the same with the other sponges. Figure out which one holds the most water
Amount of Water Held

Material Trial #1 Trial #2 Trial # 3
Cellulose 100mL 98mL 98mL
Sea Sponge 452ml 445ml 390ml
Polyester 150ml 142ml 132ml

Sea Sponge

Cellulose Sponge
Polyester Sponge
What type of sponge holds the most water?

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