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Eastbourne College Prezi

No description

Hazel Northcott

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Eastbourne College Prezi

Your Next Job
Jobcentre Plus
Who we are and what we do....
Most people change jobs ?? times before they are 40
The kind of work available is changing
– It’s getting competitive!
Simple Ways to Get Ahead

• What is available?

• Who are the biggest employers in Eastbourne?

Small and Medium employers - they make up 87% of all employers in Eastbourne

SOC Developments - IT Solutions
Custard - Printing and Design
West End Studios - Event Management

•The market is more diverse than you might think
•There is more available than you might think - the hidden job market

What is the minimum wage for an Apprentice?

70% of apprentices are paid more than the NMW – salary also increases as you learn new skills
•Training whilst you earn
•Earn degree credits as you go - some apprenticeships offer training worth up to £20,000
•Very high conversion rate into work
•Experience not required - functional level of Maths and English
Can you do the job/learn the job?
Do I want to
work with you?
Will you still be
here next week?

Forgetting to sign the application
Not entering Job Title
Not writing their name on the application
Not reading the questions properly – what are you being asked?
Complete a copy before you do the real thing
Application Forms

How long does an employer
take to check a CV?

CV Templates - check Google..

Have someone check your CV – grammar, spelling

Tailor it – make it relevant

Voluntary Work/Clubs/Societies –show off your skills
Competency Based Interviews

Team working
Are you participating or sitting back?
Seek feedback/take suggestions/are you inclusive?
How do you communicate – don’t dominate!
Do you listen?
•do your research - the company, the job, the interviewer! - Linked In - do they have a website?
Facebook, Twitter, Google News
•Where are they - how will you get there? How much will it cost - pw or pm
•Call to confirm your interview
•Arrive early
•Be aware of other members of staff while you wait
Come prepared – bring a copy of your CV and references
Dress to impress
Arrive early
Be clean!
Highlight transferable skills
Listen carefully - answer the question asked
Make eye contact
Be enthusiastic - look like you want to be there
Reduce the risk - offer a trial period
Give specific examples
Smoke before the interview
Tell them you want A job instead of THIS job
Speak negatively about past
work/employers – keep to the facts
Use slang/jargon - e.g calling the employer ‘mate’
Be tempted to lie – you may be caught out
Answer with just yes or no – explain and give examples
The National Careers Service – look at Job Profiles

• Register for job alerts on company websites/indeed
• www.gov.uk - Universal Jobmatch for jobsearch
• www.indeed.co.uk – for jobsearch
• Specialist agencies
• www.apprenticeships.org
• www.apprenticeships-in-sussex.co.uk
Why Us?
Know Your Labour Market
Pump Manufacturers
Public Administration/Healthcare
Tourism and Hospitality
Take your time
Complete a copy first
Fresh eyes
Structure your answers
Be Specific
Prepare examples – demonstrate your skills
Group Assessments
Body language
Personality – smile! Show you enjoy working with people
Before the Interview
Try not to.....
Useful Links
• Local Papers
• Word of mouth
• Shop windows
How many people claiming at JCP?
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