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First-Year Experience

No description

UNC Wilmington

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of First-Year Experience

Continue to explore your options!
"I think living with other STEM people in Schwartz has been incredible. It helps so much to have a support system of people who are in the same classes."
Types of First-Year Experience Communities
The PULSE Pre-Health Learning Community is designed specifically for first-year students who plan to pursue a graduate degree for their future health career. All students in PULSE will be enrolled in the same sections of the following: BIO 201 (Principles of Biology: Cell), CHM 101 (General Chemistry), and UNI 101 (First-Year Seminar).
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What are they?
First-Year Experience Communities
First-year experience communities are an opportunity for first-year students to be a part of a community to help with the
to college and to
the college experience

According to participants,
Students create their own
supportive networks
that extend beyond the classroom.
Students become more
in both in-class and out-of-class activities.
Students spent more time and
and other
educationally-related activities.
Students tend to earn
higher grades
Students report feeling more
to their community professors, staff, mentors, and the
UNCW campu
Student report an increased overall
satisfaction with their college experience

First-Year Experience
Education LLC
Waterways LLC
The Waterways Living Learning Community will provide first-year students with an introduction to environmental issues of the sea and land, including sustainability, global warming theories, ecology and shifting climates, and the impact of global melt/rising sea levels. An introduction will also be given to majors in Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Oceanography and Geoscience. Students considering these majors are encouraged to apply, though anyone with interest in these topics is welcome. Additional opportunities will include guest educators, Campus Recreation activities (paddle board and surf lessons), a beach sweep cleanup, access to Surfrider events, and a tour of the Center for Marine Science. This community is open to first-year students only.
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
STEM LLC or LC Option
The STEM Learning Community was created to meet the needs of incoming first-year students interested in various science, technology, engineering and math areas. The Living-Learning component of the program is optional if a student is interested in living with other members of the learning community. This can be an added benefit in developing community and making it easier to create study groups with your peers.
Leadership and Service LLC
The Nursing Learning Community consists of 48 first-year students who are strongly considering a major in Nursing. The mission of the learning community is to give students an introduction into the field of Nursing, the skills needed to be successful in the career, and to provide a network of support from classmates, faculty and mentors. This learning community will include two courses required to get into the competitive Nursing Program, as well as a first-year seminar: Principals of Biology: Cells (BIO 201) and General Sociology (SOC 105). Students will also take First-Year Seminar (UNI 101) together.
This learning community also has a focus on admission requirements and strategies for improving chances of admission into the Nursing Program.
Adventure, Recreation and Leadership
The mission of this learning community is to promote a positive, productive, and healthy first semester through the integration of three University Studies courses in conjunction with adventure excursions beyond the classroom such as kayaking, paddle boarding, backpacking, and camping.

Students will enter a cohort with a total of twenty first-semester students. Students in this living-learning community will reside in Schwartz Hall and will progress as a collective group through Themes in Literature (ENG 290), Physical Activity and Wellness (PED 101), and First-Year Seminar (UNI 101). This experience will connect the mind, body, and nature through literature, wellness, and excursions with Seahawk Adventures.
The Cornerstone Learning Community's motto is
"Live to Learn...Learn to Live."
If you participate in this program, you will live and take most of your classes in Cornerstone Hall with the same small group of students. You will have a lot in common with the other students in your learning community because the courses you take together will be linked. This means that the three faculty members teaching these courses work together to teach different perspectives on a common theme. This modern building has all the amenities for comfortable living, as well as state-of-the-art classrooms.

Benefits of participating in a Cornerstone Learning Community include:

Small classes that allow you to get to know your professors
Field trips, movies, and social events related to the courses
Introduction to college-level study skills
Completion of three University Studies requirements
Learning outside the classroom to improve your understanding of the information
The Education Living Learning Community provides first-year education majors with a residential learning community that supports academic, social, and educational development. Participants will have the opportunity to live with other pre-education majors, attend seminars together, connect with faculty and staff in the Watson College of Education, and have education field experiences prior to being admitted into the Watson College of Education.
Hollywood East LLC
The Hollywood East Living Learning Community is a community geared toward students with creative interest in creative writing, acting, and/or film or television production. Students will gain a more focused exploration of the Arts and will work toward creating original productions to be displayed to the UNCW community. These projects will be short films or other commercial products or public service messages through which students can apply their creative talents.

While all first-year students are welcome to apply, this community is especially suited for those considering majors in creative writing, communication studies, theatre, music, or film studies.
The Leadership and Service Learning Community is recommended for students interested in developing leadership skills and giving back to the community. This program provides opportunities for personal growth and peer-to-peer connections The core mission of this community is to inspire emerging leaders through active community service and civic engagement.

Participants in this program will be housed on the Hewlett Hall fourth floor and participate in one of two EDGE First-Year Seminar courses. This course is taught in the Graham-Hewlett classroom located in the same building where the students in the program live.
Athletic Training LC
The Athletic Training Learning Community consists of 24 first-year students who are strongly considering a major in Athletic Training. The mission of the learning community is to give students an introduction into the field of the Athletic Training, the skills needing to be successful in the career, and to provide a network of support from classmates, faculty and mentors. This learning community community will include two courses required to get into this competitive program, as well as a first-year seminar.
Nursing LC
PULSE Pre-Health LC
If interested in any of these opportunities, please visit http://uncw.edu/fyecommunities/
and apply
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