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Chinese Clothing

No description

Chuan Nitta

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Clothing

Clothing in China did not slowly change over time, in fact, it changed quite drastically within each dynasty or after a new emperor. Qin Dynasty Song Dynasty Yuan Dynasty Tang Dynasty Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty All clothing in the Qin Dynasty was made of the color black and this style continued into the Western Han Dynasty as well. Han Dynasty Women's clothing in the Tang Dynasty was very outstanding. The materials were exquisite and the structure of the dress was very natural, graceful, and elegant. Clothing for women mainly included blouses, jackets, coats, skirts, robes, short gowns and long robes. Some garments were decorated with laces or embroidered patterns. In the Yuan Dynasty, Zhi Sun dresses were popular. This kind of clothing was worn by all classes of people. Women mostly wore long, loose gowns with wide sleeves and narrow cuffs. After the Manchu-Qing rulers seized control over China, they moved quickly to gain authority over the Chinese population and established a dress code. This style became widespread among the commoners. A new style of dress included the changpao worn by men and the qipao worn by women. During the Western Han Dynasty the "dark" style from the Qin Dynasty was continued. Its characteristics were: cicada-like hats, red clothing, square sleeves, sloping necklines, decorations made from jade, and red shoes. In the Han Dynasty women wore a short jacket and a long skirt with a belt hung down to the knee. Men always dressed in a short jacket and trousers with a short cloth skirt outside. The traditional clothing for men during this dynasty had broad sleeves and circular collars. Most women wore three collars with narrow sleeves. Pleated skirts were popularized in this period Light colors also became very popular during the start of the Ming Dynasty. Each new Dynasty had its own unique style of dress and the style would soon change or disappear after its Dynasty was changed or replaced. Emperor Qin By:
Joseph Y.
Anselm K.
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