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BP presentation

financial management presentation

ocar deltaller

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of BP presentation

financial management British Petroleum BP history Bp and Environment Future Identity evolution Products & Services BP PRODUCTS ARE DIVIDED INTO 3 MAIN BRANCHES:
In recent years bp has opted to develop alternative and sustainable technologies on environmental conservation. By:
Andrés Nicolás Florián Buendía 1901-1908 1909-1924 1925-1945 1946-1970 accident!!! 2000 ---> The first site On the morning of May 26, 1908, rose camp with plague of sulfur. At four o'clock the drilling reached 1,180 feet and a source of oil flowed under heaven Persian. Early years The coming of Winston Churchill, who had assumed a new role in British politics as Prime Minister of the Navy, was final. The British were proud of their army, and their oil-powered ships were the latest innovation. But while they found a new and prosperous client in the Royal Navy, the old guard of Whitehall doubted whether to trust the main rival of coal. The three disciplines British Army fuels and lubricants used from the company owned by BP, Castrol.
Aviation acquired an important role during World War II. The American aircraft aviation fuel used two heritage brands BP, Amoco and Sohio, among others. The RAF changed to Anglo-Iranian, he'd found a way to improve their fuel efficiency. WW II As Europe rebuilt so did Anglo-Iranian, investing in refineries in France, Germany and Italy plus new marketing efforts in Switzerland, Greece, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. BP gasoline went on sale for the first time in New Zealand.
In 1954, the board changed the company’s name to The British Petroleum Company.
By the 1960s the technology of oil exploration had come a long way. Then in 1964 the United Nations extended countries’ rights over territorial waters. The following year, BP found natural gas in the English Channel, enough to power a medium-sized city.
April 20, 2010 Explosion occurs in deepwater horizon oil rig, leaving the shedding of 780 000 barrels of oil and 11 deaths. Leaving so one of the worst ecological and environmental disasters in history. The company in recent years has increased costs due to indenmizaciones that the company had to pay for damages done, paying more than 4.3 billion dollars. As the millennium turned, BP people threw themselves into finding new forms of low-carbon energy while reducing BP’s own contributions to carbon in the atmosphere.
BP got involved in a Clean Cities campaign in Europe, launched an emissions trading scheme and expanded its solar power business, which now also included Amoco’s solar assets.

From that first, uncertain search for oil in Persia, BP had grown to become a global energy company, providing large quantities of oil while also making strides along a promising path towards oil’s alternatives. Some might say BP had become (and perhaps always had been) an organization that embodied energy in all its many forms. Vehicles Home Business BP ULTIMATE Liquified Petroleum
Gas (LPG) Cleanliness - Protection - Performance - Efficiency - Commitment LPG gives you all the benefits of gas without having to connect to the mains AIR BP Asphalt and bitumen BP Franchise BP Shipping Gas and fuel cards Gas and power energy Industrial lubricants Liquified Natural Gas Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Marine fuels and lubricants BP Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Petrochemicals + BP Around the World Argelia
South Africa Pakistan
South Korea Australia
New Zealand United Kingdom
Russia USA
Canada Trinidad and Tobago Colombia
VenezuelaBrazil Y U THANK
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