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No description

Natalia Pavlovskaya

on 22 September 2012

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1992 – Gained University Status
1989 - Polytechnic of East London
1970 – North East London Polytechnic
1952 - West Ham College of Technology
1892 – West Ham Technical Institute What about business opportunities? Royal Docks
Business School The Royal Docks Business School cultivates an engaging and responsive intellectual environment for students from diverse backgrounds who aspire to be creative, compassionate and ethical leaders and global citizens. It provides a transformational experience that serves students, staff and communities in all aspects of excellence in research and learning including creation, dissemination and application of knowledge Knowledge Dock
Business Center The ONLY EU accredited Business Innovation Centre in London connects students, entrepreneurs, SMEs and organisations to the expertise and resources available at the university to help develop enterprise opportunities Connects
you to the wealth of knowledge and expertise located at the University of East London, as well as regional and European support networks and funding sources. EBN is now the leading non-governmental pan-European network
It is an umbrella organisation bringing together over 200 BICs from all around Europe and beyond.
It provides help and support to these BICs by acting as an interface with other organisations including the European Commission (which officially recognises EBN), by providing expertise in numerous areas including funding and by stimulating the sharing of best practices. more than 28,000 students from 120 countries worldwide History Campuses Schools Arch. Comp. and Eng.
Arts & Digi. Industries
Combined Honours
Education & Comm.
Graduate School
Health, Sport & Bio
Law & Soc. Sciences
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