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CEU - Technology in the Classroom

No description

Dustin Bauer

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of CEU - Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

How Technology Has Changed
What Types of Technology Do We Have Access To?
More Technology
Available Programs To Enhance Learning
Social Media
Believe it or not....these can be very useful in the classroom
Microsoft Office Suite
Learn to Use Microsoft Office:
Curriculum Trak
Everyday Things We Use at FCCS
...and how these can make our lives easier!
Instant Messaging
Great way to communicate information
Microsoft Word
How to:
1. Navigate the Interface
Microsoft Publisher
How to:
1. Navigate the Interface
We have laptop carts available for both the elementary wings and the high school wing
Computer Lab
We have a computer lab with 20 stations available
Video Production
We have 6 high performance computers that are dual monitored for use in our video production class
We have projectors available in most every classroom.
PowerPoint is available on all the computers in the school
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
We also have 3 HD dslr cameras,
an HD GoPro, an HD hand-held video camera, and condensed
microphones for video production
We have a "floating" projector for use if you do not have one in your classroom

Ipads and Tablets
We have 4 Ipad minis available for use in the classroom
As well as 2 full size Android tablets for classroom use
It is one of the most popular presentation software programs
Presentation Software:
With demonstrations provided :)
Free online access to easy interactive presentation software
Are you, or your students, bored with PowerPoint presentations? If so try Prezi.com
We also have a "Pocket Projector" which is available for use
Video Calling: Can be used to communicate with cultures around the world
Facebook Groups: For specific classes, groups or teams
100 Ways To Use Facebook: Handout
Homework Assignments
Teacher Information:
Phone, E-mail, etc.
Classroom Projects: Adding Pictures, Student Work, etc.
Links to educational websites that might be used for research
Easy way to share classroom photos
Cloud based
Alternative to Google Drive
Online Educational Websites
....and many many more
This is a great way to reward students in the classroom
2. Format a Document
3. Save As: What type of file?
4. Save To: USB/Desktop/Personal
drive on FCCS Network
5. Print a document
2. Format a Document
3. Save As: What type of file?
4. Save To: USB/Desktop/Personal
drive on FCCS Network
5. Print a document
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