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Nations and beyond

No description

Federico Minghetti

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of Nations and beyond

The Nation and its origins
The etymologic roots
- Nation : "nascere" - to be born

- Citizen : "citeain"

- Has different implications
Being a dutch citizen
Having the dutch nationality

The consequences of globalization
- Deterritorialization and melting
- The emergence of a global culture
- How the nations will face those
consequences ?
The emergence of globalization
- History and definition

- The 5 Appadurai's landscapes

- The impacts of media in the global culture and the importance of imagination
- Etymologic roots

- The characteristics of a Nation

- Nations and states, an historical point

Nations and beyond
Introduction points
All they Want
Dub Incorporation
According to you, what
makes a Nation ?

The characteristics of a Nation

- A spiritual principle
- 2 main elements: in the past and in the present

- Nation = group with an idea of nationhood
- State = set of institutions

Example : the Geographic borders
Example : the importance of the borders
Example : State, Nation and Nation-state
Nations and states, an historical point of view
-Nations and states

-French revolution

-The birth of nationalism

-States and mass society
Discussion Question
- As Renan predicted, Europe is now a confederation of states. He also say it could be considered as a nation, according to his definition of a Nation. Do you agree?

- Are you favorable to an European citizenship?

History and Definition
The Appadurai's 5 landscapes
- Globalization is not a cultural homogenization

- 5 different types of flows that overlap, act on the others, but are disjuncted from each others

- The new role of media is to develop people imagination
Technological flows
Money flows
Informations flows
Human flows
Political ideas flows

- Two similar flows
- Use the images as main support
- Create the imagination
Disjunctures and connexions
Those flows are dominant and play a major role in globalization.
They are all connected, they act on each others without a specific orders.
They are also disjuncted because according to the country and his evolution level, they won't have the same consequences
The impacts of media in the global culture and the importance of imagination
Example : Instagram
Discussion Question
Deterritorialization and melting cultures


Example :
The emergence of a global culture
- Global culture isn't multiculturalism

- Global culture isn't homogenization

- Global culture can lead to some identity crisis

The global culture
How will the nations face those consequences ?
Example : the counter-cultures
- The future of the nations (Renan)

- Nation's reactions to globalization: opening or closing?

Discussion Questions
- What future for the nations ?

- Can we consider the global culture as the exact same one for everybody across the world ?
Globalizing a bad thing makes it worse. But globalizing a good thing is usually good.- Richard Stallman
-Local-global flows

-The Boom

- Everything everywhere, everything now
- Appadurai's adaptation of the "print capitalism"

- Imagination as a social practice and new identity spaces
of view
, What is a nation ?
, Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy
The nation according to Renan
Appadurai and the relation between Nation and State
Do you think media will get more influence than politics in the nation-states ?
Ethnic enclaves
Renan's vision: nations will not last forever.
Our opinion: States could not last forever but maybe will constitute bigger groups
Example :
Today's borders are more and more blurred: cultural borders, religion borders, ethnic borders

The French and the German immigration policy
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