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Illumenac Marketing Plan

No description

Abeer Mohammad

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Illumenac Marketing Plan

Abeer Mohammad | Osayanmo Aigbogun | Ta Chou Huang Mubeen Ahmed | Haroon Khan | Peter Yan | Feng Zheng ILLUMENAC AGENDA Our product….A revolution Primary consumers: people aged 15 - 45 years - the most avid users of smartphones comprise most of the customer base.
Includes educational and business sector: - students working on group projects; - - teachers can also utilize it in case traditional projector is down - salespeople, always on the go wanting to present information to clients; Project Yourself. Current market environment and target market for Illumenac
Product and features
Science behind our technology
Pricing and distribution
SWOT analysis
Future plans
Q & A Our Target Market ILLUMENAC®

Project yourself. ADMS 2200 Section R We use the same ingredients to make the lens - quartzite and platinum but we infuse it using nano technology which results in a multi-prism.
An LED light source passes through this prism, which splits into red, blue and green colors as well as cyan and magenta. These pass through the projection lens in coordination to form crystal clear images. How does it work? Smartphone market to be worth roughly $259 Billion USD by 2015
Global Pico projector sales are roughly $0.49 billion and are expected to generate $8.12 Billion by 2016
9 out of 10 owners use their smartphones on a daily basis
According to a recent article in EE Times (online magazine), the pico projector market is expected to grow by compounded annual growth rate of 80% Current Marketing Environment So to summarize, our technology delivers:
Up to 50 lumens of brightness
Aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3 WVGA (switchable)
Resolution Ratio of up to 1024 x 768 pixels
Projection sizes of up to 50 inches diagonally Main Features Customizable lens of varying sizes from diameters of 0.5 inches XGA to 0.8 inches XGA
Usually mounts on top of the phone, although, it can be mounted on the sides or the bottom as well, based on customer preference The lens A chip that is embedded in the smartphone.
Chip is size of a quarter and due to its compact size, it can easily be installed in many types of smartphones.
Delivers 50 lumens of brightness, which is higher than what a similar pico projector is capable of.
Contains a silicon component which prevents overheating due to prolonged usage. THE LENS Opportunities
1- Compatible with many types of smartphones
2- Expansion into other markets worldwide
3- Integration into other platforms
4- Substantial orders would decrease cost of production due to economies of scale
5- Through this innovation, hoping to become permenant part of smartphone industry

1- Duplication by Chinese manufacturers
2- Big Firms who are not our customers can improve on our product
3- Restrictions on contract S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS…Continued Strengths
1- Our patented chip and automatic adjusting aperture lens
2- Reduced projection distance requirements
3- Superior resolution up to 7 meters from flat surface
4- Customizable lenses which appeal to more types of smartphones
5- Connectivity to external hardware using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

1- Not suitable for large auditoriums, classes etc
2- Still an upcoming market, so potential risk of not attracting enough customers or rapid changes in customer taste
3- Embedded nature eliminates portability between devices
4- Costly to educate older generation about the advantages of our product and to attract them S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS Cost for us:
1- One lens (of either size)= $2/unit
2- One chip= $5/unit

Contract-based: usually $15/unit;
- could be lower depending on size of contract. COST & PRICING Due to clients being Apple, Blackberry and Android manufacturers, we benefit from their distribution and retail networks.
Advertising is covered by manufacturers during promotions of their upcoming smartphone models DISTRIBUTION Gaming Platforms

Laptop and Tablet market What’s in Store…. THANK FOR YOU VIEWING OUR PRESENTAION :) 1- 3M Companies
MP160 and MP180 series pocket projectors
-Already entered their fourth generation of pocket projector collection
-Pioneered in using LED light source which is eco-friendly and efficient

2- Texas Instruments
DLP Pico Handheld Projector
-Established in semiconductor market with wide array of products Our Competition
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