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Comparison PM and God of Bible

A Level Philosophy Revision. Christian influences on the philosophy of religion.

EJ Jane

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Comparison PM and God of Bible

Both are ETERNAL, PERFECT and IMMUTABLE. Neither depends on anything else for existence, but exists 'necessarily' Both are described as the reason
WHY the Universe is here. Both are responsible for the existence of the Universe. The Prime Mover is immaterial The God of the Bible does in places seem to act in the way that someone with a body would, speaking, walking, breathing-although, perhaps poetic description. The God of the Bible creates on purpose as an act of love... the Prime Mover does not have intentions or make decisions because he is unchanging. The God of the Bible is an active force in this world, he fashions things like a craftsman, shaping and giving.... The Prime Mover moves other things by drawing them towards itself, but remains unaffected by them. Comparison between Philosophy Revision Differences Similarities God of the Bible & Aristotle's PM The Prime Mover know itself and is unaware of the physical world and unaffected by it. God of the Bible is aware of the world, pleased with what he has made, provides rules about how to care for it, and affected by humans behaviour when they disobey. The Godof the Bible is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. The Prime Mover is limited because he thinks and only knows himself. God of the Bible created the world for humans, the highest point of his creation, they were made in his likeness and able to have relationship with him. The Prime Mover does not have these intentions and is incapable of such reactions.
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